Baby Mouth

As strange as this photo looks, it’s actually only a baby mouth. That being said, why is there a horrible picture of a baby mouth in your professional photography profile?

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  1. professional?

  2. creepy and wrong.

  3. Kimmy B.

    it’s abstract art, guys. SHEESH.

  4. Cbash

    Looks like the storm on Jupiter.

  5. Looks to me like a huge baby peering over a distant mountain.

  6. Crystal

    What…the… f……?!?!?!?!?

  7. Nicholas Wong


  8. I just don’t understand…..I know we all start somewhere, but WHY? I’m all about the detail shots, but this is BADLY done!

  9. Henny

    cell phone camera again? so much noise in there…

  10. I’ve seen adorable shots of baby mouths, but this is not one of them.

  11. Lynne

    I’ve often seen a collage of baby hands, feet, eyes, surrounding an image of their face……….this should NEVER happen……… grainy and blurry……….ow my eyes

  12. fbear


  13. I can smell the baby formula from here!

  14. Cellophane Girl

    It looks like a horrible gaping wound on a fat persons stomach, which I suppose is fine if you are taking photographs for medical students or disturbed individuals on the internet.

  15. Pelham

    Everything about this shot is absolutely disgusting. Horrible wb, tons of noise, shadows from hell, shitty comp and excerable lighting. Good lord. All we’re missing is some baby puke dribbling from a corner of the kid’s mouth. Did someone actually pay for this shite?

    And worst of all, I can’t find the bucket of bleach for dunking my eyeballs in 🙁

  16. spike

    Maybe if you stare at the “noise” long enough, from those grainy pixels a sailboat will magically emerge?

    OR maybe not. I need a drink.

  17. Jabba the Hutt???

  18. Oh sweet Jesus. WHY do fauxtogs keep posting shit like this online for the world to see? Oh wait…this is the only kind of work they produce so it’s all they’ve got. I feel bad for the parents of this baby. They probably thought they were going to get frame worthy photos and instead, they end up with crap like this.

  19. Besides this current disaster of a pic, is anyone else getting a “picture can’t be loaded” on all the past pics on this website??

    • Miss Obnoxious

      @lora, yes me too! I was sitting down to relax and have a good laugh here at the end of the day… and none of the pics will load but this one!! 🙁
      I guess I’ll have to go read a book instead. Sheesh 😛

      • LOL, Thanks. At least I know it’s not just me! Strange. I wonder what’s going on. Hope they get it fixed!

      • djurbino

        “This member is no longer active on Flickr.”

        YANAP got a Flickr ban ?

      • Maybe Flickr asked them which of the photos they posted they owned copyright to?

  20. Christy

    Oh, don’t worry. I can just use Photoshop and crop in for those close-ups of the baby’s features. No need to waste memory!

  21. LOL, even if it were good quality, it’d still be a bad picture. Ha ha ha.

  22. Hershey

    Someone put a bandage on that wound!

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