Baby In A Cooler

We’re thinking there has  to be a story behind the cooler prop, but whatever it may be, it really doesn’t make up for the fact that they took a picture of a baby in a cooler… At least we can be thankful this whole photo is in grey, not just the baby!

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  1. Horrible B&W conversion.

  2. What the FUCK?! Prom niiiiiight cooler baby!!

    • Timothy

      This just baffles my mind. We see so many images here that are just very poor attempts are creating a real image. But this picture is just a snap shot, no thought at all went into the creation of it. I can’t tell you how many photos I saw like this during the years I managed 1 hour photo labs.

      • Timothy, I bet you have a million stories to tell, would love to hear about what else you saw besides horrendous, pointless, meaningless snaps like this.

  3. I can get a parent taking a quick shot of their kid that decided that the cooler was a fun toy to play in, but a “photographer” taking one, turning it b&w, and posting it on their page? Um, no….

  4. What a classic! Print some wallets and give them out to the relatives! Grandma will love this! 😉

  5. What I truly don’t understand about photos like these is even if they were some inside joke/special request of the client and the client “loved” the result–why use it on your site/portfolio? Unless your Facebook fans only consist of close family and friends that all get the joke? Even then…post it on your personal site, not your “pro” feed.

  6. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    Quick. Zip up the cooler in case it’s contagious.

  7. This is kinda creepy….

    • Kinda?

      Even if the client requested this – it would not see the light of any of my business or private pages… No way, no how – it’s not even a good snapshot.

      This and the baby in the basket – where you can’t see the face of the baby – I’d like to know WHY?

  8. bandidog

    I can see some plus to this.Like the look on your friends face when you tap on the top of the cooler and say” Beer please.” And a baby arm comes sticking out with a cold one in it`s hand.

  9. WTF? What are they trying to do? Keep the baby cold so he won’t go bad? Meaning, its edible? He isn’t even placed properly, he looks like he is dead or something!!! The photog should be slapped. Hard.

  10. I have a relative who used to be a policeman. When in genteel company, he referred to having to remove a dead body from a crime scene as “picking up a cool one”.

    Yeah…creepy, even as an inside joke.

  11. Melissa R.

    So, I’ve decided there are [at least] two different kind of fauxtogs. We’ve got the kind who are really trying to create art, but due to their complete lack of all things technical (camera related) and poor eye, they crank out images like the previous one of the baby in a bowl (from the back with the creepy yellow lighting.)

    The other kind posts this type of pic (baby in a cooler). This is the mom who may (or may not) have a “good eye” and has always loved “taking pictures” but jumps the gun with little to no experience, education (even self) or research into how to use her camera. So…on their “pro” facebook page they may have a few respectable images, but then their kid does something cute (dangerous??) and they lose all objectivity.

    PHOTOtogs are always learning….fauxtogs don’t bother.

  12. Michelle

    Y’all are all wrong. It’s not a “kids” picture. It’s a “kid’s” picture. The fauxtographer’s kid took the picture of her baby doll in a cooler and the mommy/daddy thought it was just toooooooo cuuuute not to share her kid’s talent. Btw… The kid the post processing too!!

  13. Just stupid.

  14. TheDman

    It started out as a piece of crap, but then they converted it to black and white so now it’s fine art.

  15. Hobbyist

    What are you all talking about?? All that’s needed is a cheesy White vingette and this is a work of art!! Maybe even some crappy spot coloring and this could sell for millions! I’m shocked you guys can’t see that. Haven’t you learned Anything from this site!?

  16. Maybe the Baby’s name is Hogan.

  17. Nobody puts Baby in a cooler.

  18. NicCole

    When the redeeming quality is that there’s no spot coloring, you pretty much have to throw your hands up and walk away. And by “you,” I mean the photographer.

  19. Wsroadrunner

    WTH? If it were a dog I’d think it was a White house luncheon, but seriously… what the hell?

  20. Cranky Catholic

    Casey Anthony is a terrible photographer.

  21. Redneck fauxtography?

  22. Maybe they really, really like their cooler, wanted a photo of it -you know, you get attached to things like cars, pools, houses, coolers etc.- and a baby just happened to crawl in there right before that photo was taken.

  23. Wait…I get it now. This is actually genius. It’s a reactionary photo to the recent scandal surrounding William Eggleston and his decision to re-release limited edition prints in a new format. As Eggleston was all about promoting the use of color in otherwise mundane photos, this photo is trying to show what happens when you lose the very soul that once made you a great artist—by taking something mundane and also sucking all the color out. I’m amazed.

    Oh wait, no. No, that’s not it at all is it.

  24. Wsroadrunner

    Tribute to Dahmer

  25. I can’t believe how many of these baby photos are reminiscent of Law and Order: SVU episodes…

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