Baby Farrell

Obviously some awesome fauxtog editing on this one. I wonder if Colin Farrell was unhappy with his baby pictures? Seriously, couldn’t this be him as a child?

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  1. It kind of reminds of my television as a child.

  2. bubba

    Yes, fauxtog, I’d like my baby’s picture to have that I’ve-left-a-roll-of-film-in-an-old-shitty-camera-way-too-long look to it… can you do that?

  3. Charlie

    Are all those lines intentional? And there are three people that actually like this!

  4. Looks like they need to do some maintenance work on their printer. It’s a shame too, it could be a nice photo. *know when NOT to edit*

  5. Pelham

    Sad, cause finally a half-decent baby shot, it even looks like it’s !!!IN FOCUS!!! and they go and f*** it up in post. *sigh*

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