Baby Big Hands

baby big hands

No one wants to play pattycake with her…

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  1. roycebennett

    The baby is just about as enthusiastic of this photo as we are.

  2. When will men realize that a manicure is as important for them as for women? Probably after the ring shots, hand holding shots and after the “heart shots”. Regardless, I’m sure that what I’m about to say has probably been said a thousand times on this site but…when will these folks realize that you don’t have to do anything “cutesy” to make a good photo? Whatever happened to a well exposed, dof where you need it, catch a good expression photo? Nope, they think it’s boring and want to set themselves apart with some dumb fad. And finally, what is “Hearty”?

    • I think a lot of times these shots are taken because the client wants them. I’ve had some great clients with decent tastes, but then I’ve also had some who’ve asked me to do weird things like the heart hands (even around their baby’s face like this- I DID take the shot for them, made a weird face, and turned it around to show them, and thankfully they allowed me to trash it. Haha.) I’ve also managed to deflect selective color requests so far… buuut I just had a close friend ask me specifically for it. NOT sure how to approach that one without just saying “uhh, that’s tacky and I don’t want my name attached to it, even for you”. Haha

    • Based on the rings.. I’d say these are a woman’s hands.. which is even more scary than the actual image itself.

      • It looks like the hand of the father and the mother… at least we can assume they are the parents instead of say some out of work hand models they hired to do these shots for the day….

  3. BurninBiomass

    I’m crushing your head, I’m crushing your head!

  4. Has anyone else actually read the inscription? WTF?

  5. I have a friend who has never taken a photography class nor even claimed to express any real interest in photography as a hobby, but has a smartphone filled with pictures of her newborn son taken with said smartphone…and I would put any single one of the images she’s shown me up against this atrocity. How can somebody look at this and think they’ve taken a keeper?

  6. There is a local fauxtog who uses this stupid f’ing hand heart in just about every shot she does. I HATE IT! If she would put half of the effort she expends chasing down the perfect hand heart into actually LEARNING how to use her camera, she might stand a chance in this business. But nope, she just keeps cranking out shit and calling it photography.

  7. wtfreally?

    All your hearts are belong to us.

  8. Fat hands=fat body, enough said.

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