Baby Back

The concept for this had potential, but then the fauxtog got her grubby Picnik editing fingers all over these poor quality photos and presented the world with this atrocity.

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  1. Amber K

    Wow…just, WOW lol. Not only is the concept waaaay overdone and tiresome, but that oddball border and stuff? Oh, and can’t forget the ‘beautiful’ selective coloring LOL

  2. Yes, potential. I think the result was wide of the initial artistic vision…

  3. Wide, and to the left. You couldn’t even rotate the newborn’s head to face the camera? No wait, forget I said that, if your handling of infants is even remotely close to your handling of images, DO NOT TOUCH THE BABY.

  4. Wsroadrunner

    a baby stegasarous?

  5. Isn’t it a little redundant to put blocks that spell “baby” on a baby?

  6. Candice

    I see where she was going. The vision was there (sort of) but the execution was terrible. (to say the least)

  7. Anyone else think the blocks thing has been done to death?

  8. the concept was there, BADLY executed

  9. DeAnna

    Everything in photography is overdone–everyone here is simply copying and tweaking those who came before them, after all–, it’s a matter of doing it well. In this case, the idea was there but the follow-through wasn’t exactly ideal. I can see what they were going for, but this is definitely a swing and a miss.

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