Baby and Some Junk

a baby and some junk

My briefcase, some shells, a beaver, my favorite sticks, a globe, some books, a turtle jar, my camera, oh yea and that baby! I forgot I put that there!

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  1. It’s not a bad photo, maybe all the stuff symbolizes something to the parents.

    • I think it is a good photo. Some of the things pictured may have meaning. & I think the theme is cute.

  2. Yeah, there’s nothing about this photo that makes it worth posting here.

  3. Did they get this baby at a garage sale?

  4. Photo totally deserves to be here. Another bad execution of a photo idea that has been done to death. Baby isn’t placed well or photographed well, looks like they just threw a burp cloth over it’s junk. The focus should be the baby, he is just mixed in with all the junk. Even if the stuff has meaning to the parents (which I doubt) baby should be the main focus.

  5. Looks like baby is in a casket. D-:

  6. Seen so many photos like this. A baby in the middle of a pile of stuff. You look at it and think…is that a baby in the middle of that pile of junk? You can barely see the baby. It’s a photo of a bunch of stuff with a baby thrown in.

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