Aww Yeaa

aw yeaaa

Bet that baby is making the exact same pose in there…

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  1. Because the world needs another gangsta … good grief.

    Evidently, this photog has never heard of a fill flash. I also dig his interpretation of the rule of thirds … I’ll fill the frame two-thirds and cut off the lower third of her legs.

  2. Derp Blue

    I think this is awesome.. Should have went with a brick wall an shitty graffiti though… Some sketchy crack heads in the back maybe.. And yeah, better composition would have made it a five star… Next time;)

  3. You guys are very critical, I wouldn’t think of criticising this picture due to the disability of the, I guess, father. His fingers have obviously been smashed in some horrible construction type work related incident, it also looks to have affected his shoulders.

  4. Christina


  5. Center his body a bit better between the two “M”s that he’s signing and he’d be spelling “MOM”. Aw. how sweet.

  6. If he ever gets to Florida, he can spend 5 years in jail for using the internet to flash gang signs.

  7. Pixeldawg

    That position she’s in is what got her in trouble in the first place. 😉

  8. Somehow, I’m actually more disturbed by the blocks on her stomach. I’m just so over that trend. How can anybody think that it’s a good idea lol.

  9. Bra strap.

  10. nairbynairb

    He also looks like he’s about to bust out of those pants… I do, however, love the eyebrow raise he’s got going on… Dwayne Johnson would be impressed

  11. why oh why?!

  12. ijudgeyou

    It took me a bit to figure out what was going on. If not for the awesome blocks, I wouldn’t even know she was pregnant. Thought she was attacked by a Mormon *what what would Jesus do?*

  13. “Yo, I done made this mofo!….And now I’m going back to my desk at the insurance company to continue assessing those claims Mr James asked me to have completed by 5pm today. My wife has an appointment at the florist at 3pm to arrange the floral displays for Paster Smith at the church on Sunday.”!

    This is what photographic hell is going to be like isn’t it? Page after page of this sort of thing, nothing nasty just absolutely, cringeworthy, piss-poor shots that kids of 8 could make a better job of!

  14. At first I was confused about why they spelled out BACON on on her stomach. I mean, sure, bacon is awesome, but it didn’t really work. Then I realized the fauxtographer just didn’t fill flash enough to provide proper context. I was disappointed, because, you know, not bacon, but I guess it made more sense.

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