Awkward Stool


We’re not sure this could look anymore awkward if they tried.

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  1. Patrick

    Not to mention the lighting is crap, too

    • Lol there is a bunch wrong with this image! A hobbyist photographer being one of the biggest!

  2. Awkward? Her face tells the whole story. Crap lighting(gee, how I just love those shadows), wall corner coming out of her head, tilted crop (cause that made the awkward less awkward), and did I mention the look of “oh shit, what was I thinking” look on her face? Yes, this one is a gem and truly belongs on the you-are-not site.

  3. She looks VERY serious about it all.

  4. Pelham

    Horrible face, horrible lighting, horrible everything.

    If this was the best take from that shoot, I would hate to see the worst.

  5. Not to mention the black object in the bottom left corner of the frame.

  6. The poop biometric method isnโ€™t reliable enough to hold up in court yet, depriving us all of some delightfully awkward court transcripts. But it could mean that stool samples in anonymous studies might actually be traced back to the patients who deposited them โ€” a potential privacy concern.

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