Awkward Pumpkin

awkward pumpkin

Oh Autumn, the changing of the leaves, the Halloween candy on the shelves, and an abundance of awkward photos of children posing with pumpkins…

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  1. Derp Blue

    The starry stardust graphic in the watermark is incredible!

  2. Kristian

    These photographers spend days, weeks maybe even months perfecting their watermarks and about 3 minutes learning how to use their cameras.

  3. Takes a whole lot of skill to make the kid look like he has no torso. Impressive result!

  4. I especially love the outlet on the back wall. And the bucket that’s been hastily stuffed with pine trimmings adds am extra touch of Autumn that the pile of pumpkins just couldn’t produce on their own. However, the nuclear explosion happening in the lower left corner is what makes this whole scene glow.

  5. You mean that is a kid? I thought it was one of those stuffed clothes thingies with a pumpkin for a head. I mean the head is orange after all.

    That being said give the photographer a bit of credit for taking the photo in the shade instead of in full sun with harsh shadows like most fauxtogs.

  6. Arrgh..and the horizon is crooked! I SO want to upgrade one day to one of those fancy-pants DSLRs with the “artificial horizon” in the viewfinder. But even my 450D has a rule-of-thirds grid in live-view that would prevent something like this from ever happening in the first place if I didn’t have the luxury of Photoshop for fixing tilted horizons.

    Then again, I might be mistaken. The house might just be leaning.

  7. Please tell me this is a family snapshot and not a picture that someone paid good money for?

    • Well, it’s a little of both. A couple days prior to this, his mom got her first DSLR camera, and by the shooting of this she was a pro photographer,with her own sparkly watermark and everything.

  8. Cut feet, nuclear pumpkin, orange face-blue hands, all the dof in the world, crap pose, crooked, but magnificent watermark. I know I’m new to this site but would someone explain why we can’t see the watermarks? Unless I’m misunderstanding something here, it’s not like these photos are being used without permission. They have been thrown onto the internet for all to see. You’re simply displaying them here and if you leave the watermark visible, aren’t you then helping them to advertise themselves? It would be a great service to their potential clients (lol) to see these here.

  9. The kid looks like he’s trying to drive the pumpkin off into the sunset. Maybe to get away from the fool with the camera…

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