Awkward Hand Positioning

Because nothing says, “I love you” like a hand over the face…

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  1. Well, my last couple’s session over the weekend had the guy “choking” the girl but it was all for fun… and certainly didn’t make the cut for my portfolio or Facebook.

    Good judgment… I have some.

    • atrapatnoon

      I’m going to go ahead and say that if that was part of your shoot, you don’t get to decide who has good judgment….

      • Yeah, okay. I forgot, NO FUN ALLOWED. EVER.

      • The client doesn’t have to have good judgement but the photographer should. How is joking about domestic violence “fun”?

      • Yeah, sorry, but there is nothing fun about someone choking their girlfriend.

      • atrapatnoon

        What they said…regardless of what goes in your portfolio, you are still responsible for every image that leaves your studio. Have fun, but have some damn sense.

      • FentonDude

        What a bunch of sanctimonious jackwagons. You have no idea what the motivation was for KB’s photo session with that couple, but that doesn’t slow you down from passing judgement with nothing but your pre-existing attitudes. Chill out and go back to doing what we all come here to do- Make fun of horrible photos.

      • atrapatnoon

        Yeah, we’re here to make fun of stupid photos…so when someone openly tells us about one they shot (that clearly wasn’t a keeper in their book), we’re going to call that out. Damn hypocrite. Do you know the reason behind this face-smash? Nope. But you’re here to make fun.

        I’ve shot some crap in my day, but I’m not going out of my way to tell you about it…let alone defend it by saying I have good judgment (after clearly showing that I don’t)! Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

        Now stop passing judgment and go pass more judgment.

      • atrapatnoon

        P.S. – you’ll have to forgive the overzealous-ness of my replies…I’ve been watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia pretty much all day.

      • TollToll

        Seriously? “Domestic Violence” yeeeeah, I’m pretty sure if they’re both laughing and he’s posing like he’s choking her and she’s playing along, no one is really getting hurt…. it’s not sickening. What the eff?? I understand, don’t take pictures of guns pointed at children, that’s just wrong, now if he was choking her and she was in pain, turning purple etc. that would be sick to take pictures of, but playing like that? Stop being such prudes.

    • I wouldn’t ever take a photo like that. If anyone ended up seeing it, it would not show any sort of good judgment on your part. It would most likely offend a lot of people.

  2. “Love is Blind.” Get it?
    …. Ok, I realize I’m reaching.
    KB has an excellent point about customer choice vs. portfolio quality though… A pro should have some idea of what is appropriate for marketing. This is unfortunate because it’s otherwise a good photo.

  3. Actually, this is kind of cute… I mean maybe the guy is just a goofball, and perhaps this wasn’t at the direction of the photographer. I mean it wouldn’t win print competitions, but it does capture their personalities.

  4. That’s my pic.. My feelings are hurt because I believe it’s one of my best…. Okay no not really but man when I read the replies I am so waiting to see that as a response. Am I evil?

    • Don’t let people get you down. Take it as constructive criticism done wrong by the giver. Keep working because you are obviously an the right track!

    • Also, I’m pretty sure this whole site is one big copyright violation so I’m sure you can make them take it down

      • Sites like these use works for commentary or satire and side-steps the copyright violation argument.

    • LOL Jessica, I think everyone missed where you said you were kidding. I keep waiting for the fauxtog to comment too. I think it has happened once in the past.

      • This is a good example of why grammar is still important!

  5. skynigurl

    It also looks like an awkward vignette is there.

  6. You know…i was just thinking this morning, “I sure wish my boyfriend would put his hand across my face in an akward way…” wooooh!!!! BEAT ME TO IT!

  7. She should have hidden her one unpainted fingernail under his arm at least. (I wouldve hidden my whole face, but that’s just me!)

  8. I like the deodorant ball in her arm pit and the over edits. oh and the one unpainted nail.

  9. Nothin says “seriuz photog” like the Bleeding Cowboys font. makes me want to punch a shark when I see it…

  10. You know, I usually agree with the pictures on this site but I don’t think this is all that bad. Is it the most technically sound picture? Maybe not. But it’s not bad. As for using a goofy shot in facebook? So what! Maybe it shows their personalities and that to me is a great picture. I think it’s cute.

    • I think there are now and then pictures here that are not only not bad, but pictures I think are pretty fun/well done. I like that kid who was on a horse with a sleeping princess that was up for a week ago or so, for example.

      Still, it’s all worth it when you get the crazy spot coloured ass pictures, that’s when I get a little YANAP glow inside my belly.

    • It is pretty bad. If it was just a goofy shot for Facebook, don’t put a watermark on it! It should not be any sort of example for one’s portfolio.

  11. At least I can see there was some thought behind it. Poorly excecuted, and the male didn’t get near enough guidance how to place his hand elegantly, but it’s a start.

  12. well, there have definitely been worse pics on this site than this. i don’t get it, but i also get sometimes we do things for the customer because, ahem, they are the customer. as for her unpainted nail–simmer down, folks. more than likely she is just partaking in the trend where one finger is painted a different color and i think the alleged unpainted nail is actually painted in a nude or neutral color.

    • Maybe I’m out of the loop but I don’t get that dumb trend… Then again I don’t understand why people spend upwards from $40 to get their nails done at some salon anyway, what a waste. My nails are long and awesome and I paint them myself with $2 polish.

  13. is he trying to suffocate her?

  14. BurninBiomass

    Facepalm… you’re doing it wrong.

  15. Might be a fun picture for the couple to keep – if they like it. But in a portfolio or as advertising? No. Note, she is not being suffocated and is apparently happy with the situation, so it’s not distasteful, his hand is carefully positioned so she can see, breathe and speak. As for the nails – so what?

  16. i’ve seen worse.
    Pose ain’t the best and it looks over selective sharpened.
    I think they would like it, but i would not put it on my page.

  17. This photo ain’t as bad as a lot posted here. The couple is cute and it was shot (before post) with some skill. That said, the vignette, stock standard Cowboys font are a little cheesy. Then again, this picture overall is in the same style I see from the local pros who shoot senior photos. They’re bright and colorful, high contrast, at times goofy, with a sprinkling of vignette.

    Pose is a little awkward, agreed. I could maybe see the humor or appeal in it if she were trying to pull his hand away, laughing. Just doing more than just lying there with a sweet smile like he does this all the time.

    Cute, but yes, not something I’d put into my port.

  18. The post-production in this photo isn’t something I would have done, but I don’t get what’s with all the critique of the pose. It seems his hand was placed deliberately so that she would have one eye peeking through. It’s fun. It’s whimsical, and I could really see such a pose as part of a set of similar photos with girl and boy being silly or playful and hopefully at least one or two obligatory less-silly portraits because I’m sure she’d like everyone to see her entire face.

  19. Hanimex Omelette

    “No, I’M the Pretty One!”

  20. Does the limb chop (her left arm) bother anyone else?

  21. What a shame. I just sigh and shake my head when I see how a faux can make an otherwise really attractive couple look really stupid.

  22. I understand why this site is here, I am a photographer that hates losing clients to fauxtogs.
    Here on this site, this picture in particular, there is so much hate in the comments. So many people who are just plain bullies, no wonder where our children get it from, go back and re-read your comments, and then ask yourselves how you would feel if you’re children, little sisters, nieces, nephews or whoever you truly care about where talked to the way you just talked to someone. You never know when someone is on the edge of losing it, so don’t be the one to push them off the edge. And if you do keep pushing them, maybe whatever town mall they shoot up or school, is on you. Say something nice for a change.

    • I agree. Productive criticism is one thing..but straight up slander? I generally try to keep my comments at a sarcastic medium. Its no secret that these pictures suck..otherwise why would they be here….but…..i don’t need to be a jerk about it.

  23. He looks like he is suffocating her. obviously he is not but….I wouldn’t want this pic is what I’m saying

  24. I am willing to bet that this is just an outtake image.

  25. Late to the party, I know, but I think this actually has potential. It may very well be an outtake, but if not it would make more sense if they both were covering the others’ face while revealing an eye. And the vignette thing is certainly less ridiculous that selective color or horribly blurring the background like some other pics. I would file it under ‘decent, but might be quite good with a few tweaks in exposure and posing.’

  26. Bailey

    Y’all are assholes …. I know these guys and they are playful the reason it was poted is because they are a playful copy…. She has cancer, and she wanted to have that goofey photo taken…. You all are heartless assholes …. Before you critique think about what might be going on….either you take it down or my dads law company will sue ….

    • Brenda

      I know her personally and she does not have cancer you moron, what the hell is wrong with you?

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