Aw, Isn’t He Cute

alien baby

Editing a ultrasound image of your unborn child onto your baby bump never looks anything but terrifying! Yet they just keep trying…

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  1. Not only is the editing terrible, it is a MAJOR disgrace to the uniform and the Air Force of which I was a member for over 21 years! Just terrible all around!

  2. Shelley

    Good lighting, but that belly is a disgrace.

    • MeatDagger

      Actually Shelly, the light isn’t even good. Soft yes, but soft doesn’t translate to good. The majority of the light is hitting her chest with barely any hitting her face. This is partly because of the brim of the hat which is causing too many shadows. The color temperature is too warm for a studio shot. Could have used a reflector and maybe another light for rim light. Overall, good lighting practice, but still very amateur.

      Adding the ultrasound…just awful.

      • Regular Joe

        Sarcasm, do you speak it? at least thats what i hope it was.

  3. That SSGT is a bit out of regs, girl get that hair up!

  4. She needs to get herself squared away!! This is very disrespectful!

  5. Yikes! This is HORRIBLE! And if that’s not her uniform she needs to get her pregnant butt out of it! She did NOT earn nor did she earn the RIGHT to wear it!!! Absolutely TACKY and disgraceful! Fauxtographers like this need to be put out of “business”! Their work is NOT good!!! Nasty!

    • Why did you automatically assume it’s NOT her uniform? It probably is her’s, because no pregnant woman would be like “oh, let’s take some pregnancy shots of me in some uniform that’s not mine!!’

      • Judy Hillsburough

        It’s not hers Aizeah. I have the Facebook page URL and it implies it’s her husbands.

      • Aizeah, unfortunately there’s a trend among lots of younger military wives where they don their husband’s uniform because they think it’s cute and they want to show the world they’re married to someone in the military because they can’t create their own identity and have nothing else to latch onto. That’s not every military wife by any means but it is certainly prevalent. Just check out any of the support pages on Facebook. This sort of nastiness is rampant.

    • Yeah I agree with Bobbi, you have to kill enough Iraqi citizens or plummet enough oil from other countries to earn that god damn uniform!

      What right does she think she has wearing that uniform without killing a single man?! fucking disgraceful.

      P.s. Being in the military in this era just makes you a faggot sir, we have counter measures for when we are being invaded as a country, your work is not defending the people you love you little fag.

      • Steve Erwin's Ghost

        Here we see the internet troll hard at work fishing, folks. Let’s wait and see what happens.

  6. Melissa

    love the sharp lines of the ultrasound…because that is a must! 🙁

  7. Zombie apocalypse is the first thing I thought they were trying to do. Not sure why? Then I noticed she was wearing a uniform and then how pretty she is. I do think it is me, but I am not really enjoying exposed belly shots any more. For some reason, it feels too 80’s to me. The whole Demi Moore shock thing that is not longer shock or appealing. The pose is good, the exposure is fine (have seen worse) and the lighting is better than most. The ultra sound pic is just not something that is not lovable on your belly.

  8. BurninBiomass


  9. dottied77

    So is she having a baby or an alien? OMG Just awful!

  10. Didn’t a couple of women just get in trouble for doing breast feeding pics in uniform? This girl should know better. There are very strictbrules on what you can and can’t do in uniform.

    • Ive always found it interesting that holding your child’s hand in uniform is one of those things you cant do, that’s what my dad said anyway

  11. Judy Hillsburough

    I’ve seen more from this fauxtographer and this photo is tame. The other from this series includes a selective color photo with the American flag wrapped around her exposed belly while in uniform.

    Honestly, just another Craigslist MWAC, or DWAC in this case. One stop shopping photography with no specialization. Plenty of selective color weddings, super heavy vignettes, and too much bad photoshop. When he gets a decent photo, he destroys it with photoshop.

    • It’s like he’s a professional second shooter.
      He’s capable of getting a good shot, but not capable of knowing when to stop. This is the most “yikes!” editing I’ve seen in ages.

  12. The fetus is breech. Which pales in comparison to the disgrace of the uniform.

  13. Smilliton

    Some editing should be done….this should not…

  14. USMC0341

    Why the fuck is this disgusting pig in a uniform? I’m not in the Air Force, but holy fuck, jesus christ, just NO. What goes through these dependacunts heads thinking it’s okay to do this shit?

  15. Shortly after, her Air Force husband signed up for another tour.

  16. Army38B

    What the fucking fuck?!
    First, that looks disgusting.
    Second, WTF! So inappropriate-I don’t care, Army Air Force, USMC, NG, Reserve, etc etc…this is a HELL NO. And at an NCO rank..Are you kidding me? The reason why is females look like fucking idiots. Thanks a lot.

  17. You all sound like 60 year old little faggots who complain about everything that they don’t like, you rip the shit out of this poor lady for what exactly?

    You are all insensitive little faggots, also “Todd” Well you been in the air force for 21 years?
    Who gives a fuck? In another post I saw loads of people whining about the military.

    Older people like you shan’t need a reason to voice an opinion in a new era.

    fuk ya’ll nigga’s


      Tell them what it is. FUck these military fags who think we even need to be imperialists spreading DEMOCRACY to other countries, they’re the fucking terrorists

  18. Did anyone notice the ultrasound was also upside down…?

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