Aurora Boreanus

Shouldn’t they be looking at a Coke bottle?

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  1. Was hoping for some buttholes 🙁

  2. openfocus


  3. Alexis

    Geez, the couple in the picture seem like an afterthought!

  4. Big furry animals hanging out in the North Pole…
    …and the polar bears are watching.

    • Bazinga. And since when did polar bears celebrate Christmas?

  5. Susan

    That is just weird.

  6. Vitaliy

    Well, we can celebrate that there is no caption or a watermark that says “photography”. Also they didn’t attempt to do photography, so technically this photo is invalid. They used a preinstalled photo frame.

  7. snowbear

    I like the bears; not so much the tree, dolphins and people.

  8. Looks like it was taken at the county fair in 1982.

  9. Look at the bear’s reaction. This is clearly cruelty to animals. Somebody get the ASPCA on the line.

  10. Alaina

    First of all this should be under the “You are not a Graphic Designer” label. Secondly, if it doesn’t have a watermark and isn’t on someones page claiming to be a professional then I have no problem with it. If these two people were playing around and for whatever reason thought that their picture would look really nice placed in a dolphin clipart frame with the great northern lights shining around them in front of an audience of polar bears then hey what the hell, go for it.

    • jackd

      Seriously.. between shots which contain nothing that would indicate there are someone being a “faux”tographer and the half-clueless running around the comments like they have some idea of photography when they clearly don’t passing judgment on these, and the excessive advertising (for those not us adblock), it’s really becoming less of a place to visit.

  11. Oh my God! How could they do such an horrible thing? WHERE IS THE UNICOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORN? ?????

  12. BurninBiomass

    I like the Smurf skin tone.

  13. meggy

    Harmless, silly, some plagiarising going on I’d guess. But it’s not aYANAP pic.
    Leave this one out.

    • Possibly. Of course, the mixed blessing of this is that we don’t know the source, so this may well be a “pro” job. Sure there’s no watermark, but I see that in fauxtog work all the time. The polar bear matte is a template image I’ve seen around the web a couple times before. AIll the sites I found that allow you to use it watermark it though, so the absence of a watermark makes me wonder if perhaps the person who created this photoshopped it out.

      Bottom line, without the source, we’ll never know if this was something a fauxtog was claiming to be pro work, or if it was just an innocent fun moment by a couple who likes the look of dolphins swimming through the Alaskan night sky.

  14. If I got this as a Christmas card, I would start celebrating Hannukah.

  15. Those Dolphins are a bit Goatse, aren’t they?

  16. I am so going to pray this didn’t come from a “professional.” Or that it was a joke to see how badly a picture could be PSed. I mean, the bad photo was a bad idea. The bad cartoon dolphins were even worse. The polar bears that utterly distract from the faded-out humans…the pretty lights…it’s like a hilarious “what not to do.”

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