Assume The Position

This seems like a dangerous position…

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  2. Lindsay

    could of at least got it in focus hmmmm and is the fauxtog offering a home sterilization service as well at the same time :/

  3. salty

    Finger on trigger. Yes. This is the proper way to handle a gun.

    Must be an ad for gun safety…

  4. Amanda

    That gun smells fishy.

  5. AAAAH! NO!!! In the name of intact genitalia, PLEASE NO!

  6. mary dawes

    um…….?? WHY would they do this??

  7. Maddi

    Is that a man or a lady? I can’t tell.

    • Henny

      well, if it’s a female, i wouldn’t necessarily call her a lady.

    • Miss Obnoxious

      I dunno. Their name is Billy, according to the ‘witch’s part.

      • Miss Obnoxious

        Oops, typo… that was supposed to be ‘with’ not ‘witch.’ LOL

    • Yes, this would be lovely if the handcuffs were real. :-/

  8. I’m going to call this pose the “Plaxico Burress”.

  9. In answer to the old question: That’s a gun in my pants.

  10. At least it’s not cocked…

  11. E. K.

    This was produced by a ignorant person with a camera who possesses absolutely no knowledge of the subject. Out of focus, poorly exposed and the list goes on and on.

  12. I could actually handle the entire image as a creative interpretation … if… IF … If it was in focus.

  13. Michael

    This has taken place not to far from my town, now I have to move.

    Found the fauxtographer, veteran of 16 years professional experience. Claims to be a lifestyle photographer but will shoot everything from model portfolios to special events. She also loves capturing weddings and other special moments. The locations are actually locations according to Facebook but if they are in a studio, then it is staged. (Did she really have to say this?)

    Most of the other photos are in f16 focus but the poses are just as bad.

    With 16 years of experience, why doesn’t see have an actual email address (not just hotmail/yahoo/gmail) and a real website? $30 a year is too much?

  14. Michael

    Seems my comment was not visible.

    I groaned at what is possible a bad pun

  15. Good one Kat!

    I was going to call it “the love gun”.

  16. BurninBiomass

    Holstering …. your doing it wrong.

  17. Pelham

    Uhm let’s see…not only is this a tacky-ass pose, and potentially dangerous if a) that gun’s real and b) loaded, but the whole implied bondage thing is pretty disturbing. That whole rope+handcuffs+gun = rape kit.

  18. Yes, agree – disturbing really! Think the fauxtog should be taken a look at by the men in white coats!

  19. how can you guys find these people even though the watermarks/info is blacked out..? i see that the “model” is either billy or rilly but i cant make out enough of the fauxtographer’s name to search it lol teach me the ways! 🙂

  20. Isabel

    I’m not sure what to say on this! Someone email me the photog’s website info!

  21. Miss Obnoxious


    This is WRONG WRONG WRONG. Where to even begin…?

  22. laura

    I love this. Why? Because it’s so bad words aren’t even needed. Although I love it when people write in with serious responses. Do you really think the photographer is reading it?

  23. FalconGTHO

    Yet another FINE example of “thug life” “ethnic” fauxtography. Wurd up, yo.

  24. 1. Never point a gun at something you don’t intend to shoot.

    2. If the gun is double action, it need not be, ahem, “cocked,” to fire.

    3. If it is a man, now he is probably a gelding, or a eunuch.

  25. Oh yeah. Because people in handcuffs typically have access to guns. This looks like a bad interpretation of a movie poster for a low budget 80s all female prison movie. No wait…it looks like an original movie poster for a low budget 80s all female prison movie.

  26. Great. Now my gun smells like tuna.

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