Artistic And Timeless…

The last image in the second row is kind of terrifying!

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  1. Ipshwitz

    I don’t believe the person who created this collage took any of those photos.

  2. Oh, looks like some nice phot- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT????

  3. As boudoir photography goes, most of these are pretty nice – except, yeah, that far right row 2 – looks like a spider from here.

  4. Gerbles

    OK, that one silent hill-esque shot is so wierding me out- if you look, it’s an impossible way to contort the body. The knees are bending the wrong way to have her on her hands bending her neck backwards. WTF.

    • Gerbles

      oh, wait, I think i see that’s her face, not the underside of her chin. Still. WTF.

  5. TollToll


  6. Did anyone notice that it’s in fucking X-ray? Who gives a shit about the composition?

  7. Honestly, these aren’t that bad. Perhaps a few lighting mistakes and minor composition in some of them. Really it depends on what the client wanted for their shoot. I think over all these are good shots.

  8. Most of these are fairly well lit and composed. Not to mention that for once, the models look pretty relaxed and comfortable – which to me is a huge plus. You can have all the mad technical skillz to get a shot but if your models look miserable, you’ve failed.

    But yeah that one where it’s like a scene from Girlz gone Wild…dubious. Certainly shouldn’t be in a port.

  9. Mouhahahahahaha

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