Antler Baby

What the heck? Is someone going to hang this over their fireplace?

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  1. OhMyGawsh


  2. Seriously!?

    WTF?!?! Yes because that’s how you want to remember your newborn… next to a giant pair of antlers from some dead animal. Awww how beautiful… blech!

  3. Missy

    Someone needs to tell this fauxtog that creepy is not the same as creative.

  4. W…T…F!!!!!!!! That poor child looks tangled. I mean, did they trap the baby with a net????

  5. Faith S.

    Oh the shock and horror! I take it that’s a mutant deer? Photog got confused an dused 3 diff horns! Wondertard!

    • Henny

      thank you. i am don’t know much about deer, but the horn in the middle threw me off. i was actually staring at the pic for 10 minutes trying to figure out wtf was wrong with the horns/antlers… now i can look at the rest of the pic.

  6. Phydoux

    You’re kidding right? This is some sort of a joke. right???

  7. This has to be the result of a redneck client asking the photographer to do something with the antlers. it has to be. I can’t see even a fauxtographer doing this on his/her own accord.

    • Isabel

      I agree, the exposure and lighting looks pretty decent. The photographer probably isn’t half bad, but the client insisted on this. Then again, maybe the fauxtog is to blame, you never know unless you can see their portfolio.

  8. Maybe the family requested that? It’s not just the photographer that provides props in newborn sessions. My wife has used a kite board as per request of the client.

    • FalconGTHo

      Yep. Another example of my stance that a lot of the junk on here is a result of customer demands. I think the point is well proven now so a lot of the things posted on here should be skipped. Lets focus on truly sucky photogrpahy skills, not “bad use of props” or “poor prop selection”. How badly do the fauxtogs use their camera, THATS what needs to be the (out of) focus.

      • okay – if this is a customer demand (which I’m inclined to believe), it doesn’t mean that you have to show it on your web page(s).

        In fact if it is a customer demand – then there’s proably a pretty decent chance that no one else would do it or that other customer’s would not be interested in it.

        I have had numerous seniors ask me for a “funny face” pose – some are duck faces others are not – but NONE of them will ever see the light of day on MY pages… once I hand the image over to the kid – they can do whatever.

  9. That looks like is was the most painful birthing experience in the history of mankind.

  10. Wsroadrunner

    Well you see honey, I took the baby hunting with me and I got so excited when I saw that big buck I shot them both, so I went to the taxidermist guy and he did this for us.

  11. Viewer

    Tacky and ugly.

  12. Kelli

    First…it’s obvious this baby is not hanging from those antlers….second…WTH?!?! Who in their right mind would think THIS was a good idea. And then…WHO would say to the client…yeah sure we can try it. This goes back to the inmates running the asylum…you can’t let the client tell you what your style is.

  13. BurninBiomass

    Remember the pictures when scientists made human ears grow on a rats back? This baby looks like a deer scientist got a hold of it.

  14. robbifelldown

    Oh deer! Gives a whole new meaning to newborn shoot!

  15. Whats with the third horn like antler where the baby’s arm should be?

  16. Pelham

    Hey, maybe the fauxtog felt sorry for the client. If a mere 2-pointer is the client’s best, like they can’t get a decent 6- or 8-pointer, then (s)he has every right to put the best of their dubious achievements growing from the back of the poor kid born to them. Surprised it isn’t wearing camo diapers.

    The kid, not the antlers.

  17. Art_Student13

    theres a better way to incorporate antlers into a composition…look up some of Georgia O’keefe’s paintings for that….

    as for incorporating a baby and antlers….that’s a hard combo, but you would think they would know better than to make it look like a deer was sprouting forth from the baby’s back.

  18. Gal with a Camera

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I’m genuinely worried for all the babies and kids out there whose parents hire fauxtographers. Some kid is gonna be seriously injured by a fauxtog someday… and that will give all of photography a bad name!
    Cut it out fauxtogs! When it gets to the point that you are hanging babies on a wall with antlers.. you need to step back and consider that fauxtography may not be your real calling in life. Maybe you should consider another occuation… like chicken farming. At least then you wouldn’t be putting children’s health (and our eyes) in danger on a daily basis! LOL!

    Oh, the shame. The horror. The danger. The humor


  19. First thought was road kill on this one.

  20. What the FUCK?

  21. Even if this was a client’s demand, the fact that the photographer put this in his/her portfolio shows that he/she is a fauxtog. Part of being a good photographer is knowing that you only display your best work to show that you can tell good pictures from bad ones. You don’t have to show every picture you take, which is a real amateur move.

  22. Shit like this makes me ashamed to be white.

  23. wow, that is 1 horny baby!

  24. Faith Simbeck

    yeah…if it was a client request…i sure as hell would never post it on my page! not in a million frkiin years!

  25. Are you horny, baby?

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