Alien Droppings

What a rare photo! We can only assume this is an extraterrestrial taking a poop in front of someone’s garden. Spectacular!

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  1. Ah, the “Poop Pose”. Even fauxtogs on other planets are using it.

  2. Chantal

    OMG !! Really ?? Don’t know what to say 🙁

  3. She-Hulk…Smash!

  4. Susan

    The leaves are blue – the skin is green (looks like a fast overlay job to me) – and what is that round shadow peeking in on the lower left corner? What is going on here, really? Is this seriously in someone’s “portfolio?”

    • That round shadow is where they covered the fauxtogs watermark.

      • I do say, using a shadow to mask the watermark compliments the craftsmanship of the photo.

  5. Patrick

    Watermark? Like someone would steal this piece of #$@%.

  6. meggy

    Nasty injury to her left shoulder / back. I hope she gets it seen to.

  7. BurninBiomass

    It’s opposite world! And in opposite world, this image is good.

  8. fotopoopie

    Nice rule of thirds 😉

  9. very creative….

  10. I’ve heard of blue balls, but blue bush?…. who knew!

  11. ArtisticMan

    It’s edgy and creative… the use of the weird coloring gives in an otherwordly feel. Obviously, people here are too dense to understand the deep artistic intentions here. The green skin represents the girl’s envy. The blue bush represents depression. Her pose represents urgency, like having something inside you that really needs to get out.

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