Ageless Airbrush

Fauxtog : “Grandma look, in this picture I made you look like you’re 20 again! I’m so talented…”

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  1. FroggieG

    Wow. That’s gotta be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  2. She looks like a ghost! Is this a Halloween portrait?

  3. wow…… what kind of face cream is she using ? Can I get some ?

  4. Odo!

  5. No “likes” yet…

  6. Hmmm, any relation to Odo (deep space 9) ?

  7. I know a woman who does this to every photo she has of herself. In most of them, she overuses the airbrush so much she has no bridge to her nose, looking rather fishlike. But I guess she likes it, as she does it to every single shot.

  8. Wsroadrunner

    Looks like someone took a bad snapshot into Portrait Professional to oversmooth it..

  9. Is anyone else getting the “Lifestyle Lift” facelift advertising below it? LOL! Algorithm FAIL!

  10. Now I’m getting the ad FOR PORTRAIT PROFESSIONAL right below it! More algorithm FAIL!

  11. Hahahaha! Not only do I get the ad for Portrait Professional below it, I’ve got an ad for getting your Masters of Gerontology at USC! I guess the fauxtog isn’t fooling anyone!

  12. Funny – I’m getting a Trick Photography and special effects e-book offer!

  13. This is just awkward.

  14. flatten uneven areas much? awww boo

  15. rachelle

    yuck! i’m getting an ad with a creepy looking 72 year old doctor with his shirt off! he’s all buff until you get to his head! ima go barf now…

  16. Emilio Rodriguez

    open the kit zoom lens an get close, that’s the proper way to do a portrait, the craptographer way… then retouch with gusto….

  17. Why soooo serioussssss?

  18. Poor old duck, she looks like a wax figure. Nice job of erasing every single sign of character and personality, fauxtog. And if you’re family, I sure as hell hope she just wrote you out of her will.

  19. antnego

    That is very scary. They shouldn’t let kids play with Photoshop…

  20. Lets be fair, maybe she’s had 40 face lifts… One for every year over 20 she is…

  21. Hobbyist

    Wrinkles in the elder generation shows wisdom. It’s a shame someone tried to take that away.

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