Achieve Perfection!

achieve perfection

The fauxtog definitely achieved something with this edit, but it’s certainly not perfection…

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  1. Maybe since they say it with an exclamation point then other people will believe it too.

  2. WOW! She was ‘perfect’ before.

  3. Out of ALL the things they could’ve done to this photo to make it better, they choose one thing that didn’t actually need changed? Oh dear…

  4. this picture makes me really sad. they made the little girl’s face thinner and saying that is perfection, what kind of message do you think that’s sending to the little girl? sad, just sad.

    • Exactly, it’s kinda offensive to those of us who have round faces. Awful editing too. Offensive to the real photographers.

  5. She still looks like a plastic barbie doll.
    Yay for the liquify tool!

  6. Tanya Divjak

    The poor girl doesn’t have a jawbone now. Ouch!!! Anatomically incorrect 🙁

  7. oh the horra!

  8. Tanya Divjak

    The main problem with this photo is that it was overexposed. The lighting set-up was bad.

    • No. that is NOT the main problem, the main problem is the shit retouching

    • there was absolutely NO Problem with this picture! sure, lighting could have been way better, eventhough in my opinion it’s not overexposed at all. the problem came with the editing and the creating of an image carrying all the wrong message!

    • No it wasn’t. The lighting was too flat, the transition to shadow was too harsh (and the light to shadow ratio too much for a photo like this, especially when it’s with a female subject), the background is not lit evenly, and the editing was crap. Exposure was fine though.

  9. supertramp

    The young lady has a beautiful curve to her face. Thinning her like this was criminal. The Liquify tool is something that should be avoided as much as possible. But if does need to be used, use it with a very light touch. That said, start off with the proper lighting. Use a softbox on your key light. It’ll do wonders to improve the image here.

  10. You made her look like an alien. As a photographer I would never alter my clients appearance and make them not only Unrecognizable, but gross to look at. What a horrible example to a teen girl.

  11. Anorexia speaking!

  12. she’s young…great example and way to boost her ego.

  13. Wow.. They took a beautiful girl and turned her into an alien.

  14. i like the unedited, real portrait, better than the edited version.

  15. Awesome! It seems as if clients are constantly asking me to change the fundamental shape of their face into something that resembles a Dorito with eyes.

  16. Achieve perfection…the Alien edition. How about lighting it right so you don’t have that GIANT shadow under her chin?

  17. This is plain wrong. I agree with others who said her face looks anatomically incorrect. This is just bad all around. What is the purpose of giving her a triangle for a head?

  18. SoniKalien

    Edited photo – achieved total retardedness!

    Someone please take the computer away from this Fauxtard…

  19. They just messed with perfection.

  20. What the fuck? She’s a fucking triangle!

  21. Just…no. Don’t worry honey….we’ll make you look beautiful…you won’t look like you anymore per say…but…well….you want to look beautiful don’t you?? How insulting.

  22. and the horrific editing now makes her neck angle look even more bizarre – the unedited photo already has an unnatural head tilt creating this angled neck but with the liquify tool it makes it even worse.

  23. Well, if they were trying to see what her child would look like after being abducted by aliens, then they are on the right track.

  24. I mean, if you’re really going to do such a useless edit, at least balance it. It looks ridiculous when her left cheek still has definition to it and the right is a straight line.

  25. The only perfection that needed to be added here was brushing in some added exposure to the left side of the background. And maybe toning down the key light above her, her hair is a bit overexposed.
    Pretty girl. It’s sad that they made her look like a mannequin head. I hope she hasn’t seen this.

  26. Whew…taking “heart-shaped face” to all sorts of new extremes. They could have saved on all those pricy photo-editing programs and just taken the lovely model to a carnival house-of-mirrors.

  27. It’s like a horrendous version one of the kiddie puzzles, “Spot the Difference”! Squeezed her jaw in on both sides so she looks like an extra from X-Files, pulled down her hairline to decrease her forehead, and make a feeble effort to control the harsh light hitting her forehead. Although I suspect that the one thing that needed doing ( the highlights ) was done by accident as a consequence of messing about with her forehead shape!

    Photoshop is a wonderful tool but once again, like any tool, open to abuse for all the wrong reasons.

  28. The size of the forehead has actually been reduced by moving the hair line down too by the look of it. Her whole facial area is too small which is what’s making it look super weird.

  29. Christine

    The original photo, she’s a beautiful little girl. Her eyes are the first thing I look at.

  30. Perfection? Well, if you count overexposed and flat lighting to be perfection, then yeah. I agree. . . .

  31. Too funny

    I’ll never look at dorito the same way again.

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