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  1. you should check out smash photography co. on fb

  2. I have no words to describe this……

  3. kersten camppbell

    look hereee im tired of ppl postin my picture on this siteeee i will get the police involeved if u dont take down the picture of me and my husband hes in a tree and im pushin him uppp…. i had these pics done profeccioaly so if u got a problem wit them address it to mee and not hte dam worlddd

  4. Anonymous

    Hey check out thesartorialist’s recent series on pretty photographers. pretty no doubt, but I can’t figure the way they hold their DSLRs. seriously.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! For anyone getting butthurt over this, grow up.

  6. Just looking for opinions … what if the client wants a really, really stooopid setting; or really, really stoopid photoshopping? Something they’ve seen on a fauxtographer site?

    Do you just say no?
    Try to educate them?
    Manipulate them out of it?
    Do it and deny your involvement?

    • We try to steer them into a different direction. Usually it works. If it does not work, and you really don’t want to do that type of photography, just tell them that you don’t do that and they should maybe try someone else – in the nicest way possible. Don’t lower yourself just for one client.

  7. Anonymous

    this is a shit site

  8. this is a shit site

  9. Prepare yourself….

  10. I seriously would love to post a link to someone’s website in my area, but I don’t want to be known that I did so! She is putting Christmas lights on a newborn, like just randomly laying it across and thinks this is GOOD!

  11. Clearly, YOU are NOT a webdesigner either… come on guys, if you’re making fun of bad photos / design, your own stuff needs to be top notch…

  12. I never claimed to be a food photographer at all. The picture was from a cell phone for a friends baby shower. And I make them in my spare time for friends. It really upsets me that you chose to attack me when I have done nothing wrong. I go out of my way to help people. I AM a “Boudoir Photographer” and I still have a lot to learn like everyone else. We all start somewhere but I have come a long way from where I was.

  13. Dirk Snelling

    How nice that you are so superior to all the amateurs. Why do you need to put others down? They’re not cutting into your couture business, so why look like the Angry Giant? Such snobbery. Makes me sick. Picnik was used by families and teachers and all kinds of good folks. Get out of the nosebleed section and into the real world. Man, what a bunch of smug name-calling elitests. Keep buying Photoshop and congratulating yourself – just remember than Ansel Adams didn’t use Photoshop either and would call you all rank amateurs.

    • The point they are trying to make is that these people should NOT be charging money. It is an absolute rip off and wrong. If people want to muck around with their cameras and edit them in all kinds of ways with picnik etc there is nothing wrong with that but when they start advertising and charging money for it is when they step over the line. I work for a kids photography company and I’m sick of every 2nd mum thinking they are a professional photographer because they went and bought a canon dslr . I could go on for hours about this but i wont. This website has a very valid point.

  14. I say we should tie up our differences and come to really appreciate picnik. I realized this today while I was going through the comments on the page and did a search for anything containing “photograp” (yes there was no y or er or s for a reason.. more results) and boy, did I just have so much fun looking through everyone’s fouxtogs. Plenty of spot color, out of focus, badly framed, badly angled and anything else you can think of!!! I think I found ONE person who was a legit photographer, but the whole page was in German so I could be wrong (the pictures were nice though.)

    Also, we should thank them eternally for potentially “running their photography companies out of business.”

    We can only hope.

  15. this site is GLORIOUS!!

    Well done! I was just ranting on FB about these types of “photographers”

  16. Greats site. I will plaster it everywhere.
    Your comments are great and the term fauxtographer is priceless.

    thank you for being.


  17. Your webiste has directed me as to what kind of things to look out for! Thank you SO much…. wow… will keep my eye out for fauxtogs in the future

  18. i have a good one for you…
    in FB look for a guy called ‘Emiro Medrano’.
    He has good stuff for your blog.

    i lov this blog!

  19. Man do I love this site. Sometimes we need a good laugh otherwise we would just cry about having gone to the expense to go to photography school get a college degree to understand business, sales and marketing and pay for professional organization memberships like PPA ( Ha Ha another entire subject for another post) and go into debt to buy a store location and professional equipment to make top notch images using our brain, eye and talent, I am just so depressed about this field over the past few years. I try to keep my chin up, stay positive and work my backside off but honestly it is almost unbearable anymore. Thanks for giving me a good laugh today. I just wish we could educate the general public on what is quality. I am so tired of hearing, ” they are less expensive but these are “good enough.” from former clients. Ugh!! The perception of the art of photography has been greatly reduced in the eyes of the general public since the onslaught of the digital revolution.

  20. Just curious as to how many copyright laws you are breaking by putting these images on your page without permission. And you call yourself a REAL photographer? Shame on you.

  21. I think this site is rather mean spirited. There are many people out there who have great talent in photography and just because they are starting out or haven’t obtained their degree is no reason to shame them. I’m sure they get enough flack without some know-it-all website bringing them down more. Also, I really don’t understand how you, whoever runs this site, hold the key to all that is art. What is crap to one may be a thing of absolute beauty to another; think Picasso on that one. I find it absolutely horrible how sites like this ruin the hopes and/or dreams of another. I’m no professional, I won’t claim to be, however, if it was something that I was proud of displayed in such a negative way for other “professionals” to laugh at, it would greatly dismay and discourage me. That said, this is a shameful website.

    • To be honest, I agree with what this website is trying do to – i.e point out that some ‘professional’ photographers are getting themselves into it way too early and without a clue. One of my friend’s wives has jumped into a ‘professional’ photography business and her photos are clearly not up to scratch.

      And it’s blatantly obvious that the people promoting themselves as professional in these instances haven’t copped enough flack, otherwise they wouldn’t be promoting themselves as professionals and charging for their services. The main problem is that anyone can put a few pics on Facebook these days and be told that they’re wonderful and they should be a professional (usually by their friends), and the results are usually really poor. It’s like people who go on one of the Idol shows because their family told them they can sing, and it turns out they sound like a cat whose just had its tail slammed in a car door.

      The issue here isn’t that people take photographs others don’t consider art. It’s that they charge for them and call themselves ‘professional’.

  22. vraiment un site de merde ou les gens s’amuse à voler des photos qui ne sont pas leur propriété, et dont ils ne savent même pas dans quel but elles ont été faite ,par contre pour critiquer certain sont champion j’aimerai bien voir leur photos à leur debut,pour ma part je n’en resterais pas la étant professionnel j’ai un numéro d’immatriculation.

  23. Look up Pam Dave Zaring on FB! You’ll be so glad you did! A photographer did an unbelievably horrible job at working with shadowy portraits that she had taken of Pam’s family. The result looks like something out of a comic book!!

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  25. Actually I think ALL of you are missing the point. If a person makes an agreement with another person to take pictures for a certain price, then that is just that.. AN AGREEMENT. And if they are happy with the results, then quite frankly, it is no one else’s concern whatsoever. Has nothing to do with YOU. ANY of you! Why has our world come to this, that everyone feels the need to get involved in EVERYONE’s business, as if it is their right? Get a life!

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