A Real Classy Shot

So was the fauxtog just creeping in too close, or did he take his pants off and that’s them on the floor in the corner of the image? Hilarious that he would not either notice or attempt to correct the jean photobomb.

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  1. Wsroadrunner

    the comments look like she’s well on her way to a carreer in porn

  2. rch2411 photography

    The lack of back-lighting just makes the bench seat look like a pole. Plus no hair light makes it almost seem like she has half a head of hair.

  3. The fauxtographer managed to fit part of their jeans in shot but not part of her head. That takes skill.

  4. Timothy

    The floating rose is a nice touch.

  5. Isabel

    Thank God some commenter saw the jeans in the corner!! I was beginning to think the world has gone to sh*t…

  6. I guess proper exposure, lighting and posting are overrated these days. She looks like a drunken bar slut at the end of the night.

  7. And the pants could have at least been VERY easily cropped out, or content aware filled. Not that it’s a great photo in the first place, but man… So easy to get rid of them pants.

  8. Its to bad too, she’s not a bad looking girl, i’d love to have her in my studio. What is she sitting on?

  9. Is it just me or does her head look too big for the body?

  10. No one has mentioned the horrifying composition. Who takes a full body shot and cuts of the top of the head. Tight portraits is one thing but this just looks horrible. But look at all the dead space at the bottom. Not to mention he used a wider angle lens near the bottom of the zoom, so there is lens distortion and her head looks rather large. All the other things mentioned above make for yet another example of fine fauxtography.

  11. Geekcr

    Weird angle, and that rose just doesn’t do anything there.

  12. I love how her hair and shoes “creatively” dissolve into that black hole of a background. Maybe she’s a punk rocker chick and the right side of her head is completely shaved?

  13. I’m thinking those aren’t the pants of the fauxtographer but rather, the pants of a spectator. She looks like she’s working.

  14. Love the first comment as well… “it still shows your boss” It still shows her boss what?
    Sorry, couldn’t resist. It’s been one of those days.

  15. Marissa

    No, not the pants of a spectator. I know the only other person there was female, and those are not female pants.

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