A Photographic Creation

weird lady

When the chin and jaw disappear, it means you’ve done too much airbrushing!

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  1. I think the overuse of airbrushing is the least of the list of problems with this “creation” and a long list it is. Just why is it these fauxs have such a hard time with skin tones? Or do you really want the colour of this “creation” to look like this on purpose?

  2. But…but…maybe that person was born without a chin!!

  3. This is a BBW (Big Beastly woman) just look at the monster of a hand. It’s like feed me.

    • Yeah, again, this monstrous creation is the model’s fault? Other than the hand of the beastly woman, everything looks good to you?

    • Grackle@hotmail.ca

      Keep to critiquing the photography or fuck off.

  4. Bob's Burger

    Bob’s burgers, You never seen the show? They all have no chins. The only thing is this beefy woman ate too many of those said burgers.

    • Trying to be funny or are you just that classy? The issue with this photo is not the body shape of the model. It’s the crap shot and processing. If the next piece of junk photo is one with a slender woman, will you comment that she needs to eat more burgers? Spend a lot of nights alone in your momma’s basement?

  5. And warped in bigger breasts too?

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