A Bee

I think this bee is about to be raptured. How amazing that a photographer was there to catch it all.

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  1. The best part here is that the album is called “photoshop” yet facebook clearly tells us it was uploaded by Picnik. Surprise, surprise.

  2. skynigurl

    If I see one more spot color, I am going to throw up.
    But on the plus side I’m sure one of these fauxtogs can be there to do the spot coloring for that too.


  4. As long as there is a market for selective color, there will be photogs and fauxtogs alike who will use it (myself included). Whenever a potential wedding client sees the selective color, most want something similar in their book. If they’re paying, I’m complying.

    • I’m with you Josh – I don’t set out thinking – OH BOY – I’m going to spot color this… But if the client is paying and I can get a decent look – I’ll do it.

  5. Warp speed bee!! My favorite effect in Picnik 😀

  6. I legitimately lol’d at this. It looks like its teleporting or something

  7. Bee on XTC?

  8. fireandice20062008

    I rather like it.

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