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Yellow Frames

yellow frames

So close, one more big yellow frame and this would have been a masterpiece!

  1. It Makes My Eyes Burn roycebennett says:

    It’s like three photographs in one, amazing!!! (Sarcasm off)


  2. Sky says:

    This could actually be a decent concept if it was well-executed (better lighting, and maybe a different location)


    • katrina says:

      I actually think the location could be great, maybe not sitting on that tree.. its just everything else that’s wrong.. and seriously, wht odd props to lay them on laps.


  3. Spike says:

    Aside from the fact that it’s the poorest “frames” photo I think I’ve ever seen, what’s up with the Christmas props? You’d think the photographer would have either put those props to real use in the shot or taken them out completely.


  4. Tiff says:

    Hats are for the heads, not the laps. Even if the whole holding the frames up in the picture was a good idea, having all but 2 subjects in the same picture inside a held up frame, major fail.


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