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    Witness Protection Baby

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  • Always a great baby picture when you can’t even see the head!

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    1. Interrogation portraits are always great in those early days….

    2. Mommy, I’m getting sucked into a big black hole! Save meeeee!

    3. Lalalalaaaaa

      Looks more like a photo that would be enclosed in a ransom letter… like, “If you don’t pay me ten million dollar by tonight…”

    4. BurninBiomass

      Confidential information was passed along by a person only known as “Deep Diaper”.

    5. TollToll

      That watermark makes them professional though!

    6. as does the use of on camera flash.
      Points are deducted, however, for the overly flashy watermark.

    7. TheCollector

      Why would you watermark this. It’s like taking a dump on someones lawn and leaving a business card in the pile.

    8. Gal with a Camera

      I like the watermark. It would look good as a picture in a storybook… but no, not as a watermark. 😉

    9. I always laugh at the fact that the first thing a fauxtog does is create a flashy watermark, before they know how to work their camera. The watermark makes the professional I guess. lmfao

    10. Artie Fufkin

      Somebody actually paid money for this crap!

    11. I guess the kid really is so ugly, that the fauxtog didn’t want to risk their kit lens breaking if they got the face :-(

    12. Even as a wee child, little Luke Skywalker was being tempted to go over to the dark side….

    13. I always find it great when the fauxtographer’s viewers point out problems before we even get to them.

    14. Could have worked with the narrow DOF on the feet if the basket handle wasn’t in focus and there was just a little light on the face. But I applaud the attempt to get out of the box with a baby shoot.

    15. bahahahahaha! whats funny is i just looked at the profile pic of the commenter and realised its one of my freinds hahaha

    16. ROFLMAO!!!! That’s my comment!

    17. LongRange

      Dear retard who took this picture,

      You suck and I hate your logo! Haaaaaahahahahaha!


    18. Wow, that’s how people take pics of stillborns, not living babies.

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