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We All Smile In The Same Language…

… But the baby is not even smiling?

  1. Kim says:

    creepy. that’s the only word there is. poor kid.


  2. Luke says:

    We all ‘express shear terror’ in the same language.


  3. we all fart in the same language


  4. Annoyed says:

    We all take terrible pictures with the same shitty on-board flash.


  5. Annoyed says:

    We all buy our craptastical angel wings from the same Asian guy on eBay.


    • Annoyed says:

      Which are, by the way, on upside down. Dummy. If you’re going to use a kitchy prop like that, at least have the common sense to put them on right side up.


  6. Nicole says:

    why does he only have one foot?


  7. Dave says:

    bad ps selection – check
    bad flash – check
    kid looks like he just loaded his diaper – check

    We have a keeper folks! ;-)


  8. artie fufkin says:

    just curious, are those angels wings or has the baby fallen from the sky and landed on and crushed the life out of a small swan?


  9. artie fufkin says:

    note to original photographer:

    this is almost perfect. if you could just selective color and only showcase the yellow and blue in the diaper.

    you can thank me later


  10. lolz says:

    You know what this photo needs? Yes. More damned cowbell. And lasers coming from the eyes. Since it is an obvious portrayal of Lucifer, the arch-angel’s fall from grace. God you people are so obtuse.


  11. octapus baby says:

    Is that a tentacle i spy. Poor kid, looks like he inked himself.


  12. Mrs Woo Mrs Woo says:

    I have got to quit looking at this site. I’m going to start believing that I can do better than a lot of people getting paid out there and then you guys will find my website and make fun of me, too.

    Seriously – why would you post that as an example of your work? Because of the angle you’re looking at the baby at, you can’t even see all of his/her eyes (I think it is a boy for some reason), so the eyes look demonic just from that. You’re looking at the baby at the weirdest angle, the wings are upside down, a foot is buried, there is absolutely no art to the pose…

    What kind of person doesn’t reposition the baby and try again? For pity’s sake – most people only shoot digital these days; it’s not like they actually have to sit there and say “Each of these shots is costing me x dollars in film and materials” – and if it were film, the exposure of film, per se, isn’t much. It was always okay to NOT print the ones that weren’t worth printing…. :-|


  13. Mrs Woo Mrs Woo says:

    Then again, maybe lolz is right and we’re all in danger of smiting…


  14. H says:

    Looks like somebody threw a baby at a seagull…………………….


  15. Zach says:

    We all cringe in the same language..


  16. J says:

    Maybe the smile was lost in translation.


  17. Chris says:

    What happened to the poor, constipated, dead (angel) kid’s foot?


  18. Steve says:

    We all smile in the same language, but this baby poops in German.


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