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    Watermark Mouth

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  • watermarked mouth

    We’d cry if we were covered in that many watermarks too!

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    1. Another masterpiece saved from showing up in hundreds of other portfolios. Now if we could just get the faux to realize it doesn’t belong in theirs either, we’d accomplish something.

    2. Oh wow what a horrible photograph. I would be angry if some faux took my picture and used it in their portfolio and I looked like that.

    3. Omg. Hot mess!

    4. Oh what a shame. I was really wanting to steal that shot, but the watermarks have deterred me from using it in my own portfolio.

    5. I knew a few friends who did that exact same facial expression for their drivers license photos.

      Also, as if the watermark’s positioning and ubiquity isn’t bad enough..that might be the tackiest watermark I’ve ever seen.

    6. Well it proves this guy (or gal) can operate the shutter and apply watermarks…so that is something I guess.

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