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Vampire Clown

vampire clown

Anyone still think vampires are sexy?

  1. At least the background is in focus…


  2. Scee says:

    I’m confused.


  3. Fauxtog Hunter says:

    Good to know fauxtography is not limited to just southern USA. She is from France but I am sure fits the same profile. Early twenties female, PWT, never read a book or watched a video about creating actual images, Canon Rebel with kits lens, full auto. Marina Rigoux Glamstudio.


  4. cameraclicker cameraclicker says:

    The background is in focus, but the paste job is terrible.


    • jackd says:

      It’s not just the paste job, it’s the picture in the first place. She has the original on her facebook. The original is a blurry mess. Not sure why she chose that one over another that was actually in focus.

      Her business is a complete and utter trainwreck of the nth degree. I don’t think I saw a single good image on the entire page.


      • cameraclicker cameraclicker says:

        I think later on I saw the background was someone else’s stock. Her subject has motion blur due to camera movement. But, I think the blur of her subject could have worked well for what she did if her paste job was better. Adding a torch, candle or dagger to explain the hand gesture might have helped as well.


  5. Click says:

    He looks like a sad clown instead of a vampire.


  6. Kristina says:

    Fauxtog Hunter, no matter if someone’s work sucks or not, it’s not appropriate to put their name in a public forum. Why don’t you use your real full name?


    • jackd says:

      Why not? They already are in a public forum. They’ve set themselves up a business. If they don’t want to be in a public forum they probably shouldn’t
      1-be on facebook
      2-be running a business open to the public
      3- stop providing such ridiculously pathetic service.

      At least he’s allowed us to verify that this one is in fact a genuine “fauxtog” unlike many of the questionable images this joke of an admin has posted that no one had anyway to verify if something was a snapshot or something being passed off as professional work.


    • kurtles78 says:

      I agree. There’s a reason their names are marked out on the photos. Besides we’re here to criticize technique, not bash people on a personal level. We don’t need to know who they are.


    • Fauxtog Hunter says:

      Because she charges money. No different than you placing a review on Yelp or other review site.


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