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Too Much Editing, Not Enough Talent!

Please fauxtog, step away from the smudge brush tool!

  1. Justin says:

    This is what Hurricane Isaac looks like in slow motion.


  2. Rich says:

    But it has a shadow of his face….it has to be good. This is ART and very subjective.

    [cough cough, bullshit]


  3. MDS says:

    this is such a joke it’s not even worth making fun of. It’s one thing to be concerned about fauxtographers and clients who can’t tell the difference, but in no way would I want to ever speak or have someone as a client who likes this.


  4. GMC says:

    That is way to scary… Why on earth would anyone waste time creating something so overtly strange?


  5. Sunshine says:

    this is just seriously scary that a client would pay for this! i don’t event understand what they’re trying to accomplish with this image…


  6. Calypso (Pirates movie)


  7. reallythough says:

    wee strange floaty heed!


  8. John Martin says:

    This will haunt my dreams tonight. Especially that face in the upper left.


  9. Annoyed says:

    Honestly…WTF is the point of this? Trash.


  10. LOL x 10 at least, I walked away from this laughing it so bad! Still laughing now. Unbelievably bad, assuming it is by someone who’s calling themselves a professional. I don’t mind the affects, it’s the child’s face, its awful. Doesn’t the photographer and commissioner have any respect for the child?


  11. Robert says:

    Drugs and Photoshop don’t mix.


  12. cheesenode says:

    I’m trying to figure out what the intent was…And I just cannot figure out what the idea was behind this. I think, with the white-ish that is coming from under the kid that maybe he’s an alter-boy rocket, and that is the white holy flames launching him to heaven?


  13. Meeshybee says:

    Corner Head does not approve.


  14. Jessica says:

    Dead child walking? Or maybe He’s parting the Red Sea??


  15. Pelham says:

    Yeah, the smudge tool’s fun to play with, and sometimes I’ll use it when I pp entries for DPC and W1K. But use it on a client’s work? Hell no! Same goes for the Invert feature.


  16. Angela says:

    He’s a water bender!!!


  17. Gina says:

    Parting of the Red Sea?


  18. Jim says:

    To quote Eric Clapton . . . . . . .

    ” . . . . . . .COCAINE . . . . . .”


  19. Chris says:

    The sad thing is, it looks like they actually put quite a bit of time into this (at their skill level, probably more time than I give them credit for)…


  20. Al says:

    Well, if a client wants this, then I don’t want them as a client.. so this doesn’t hurt me at all. Pfft, whatever.


  21. MP says:

    Boo ya


  22. Mary says:

    Is that Tupac looking down from the corner?


  23. Digger says:

    My guess, and this is just a guess, is someone took a bad pic of the kid, and someone else has tried to clean the pic up for the parents, and has gone a little too far.

    But without knowing the full story, I’m just guessing


  24. Mrs Woo Mrs Woo says:

    Beyond strange.

    I’m probably a fauxtographer to you all (though I don’t charge for my pictures yet and have only given in on one photo shoot and that was for a homeless high school senior who wanted to have pictures for his yearbook and end of year slide show), but… really. Looking at stuff on this site makes me almost WANT to hang out a shingle. People deserve images that at least don’t look like something out of a B-grade (more like D-grade) horror movie. :(


    • Canaduck says:

      “a fauxtographer to you all (though I don’t charge for my pictures yet”

      I think that makes you NOT a fauxtographer!


  25. NicCole says:

    Is the kid being frozen in ice? A piece on global warming? I’m so confused!


  26. Anon says:

    My daughter just asked why Lord Voldemort was on my computer screen.


  27. spike says:

    It looks like the scenes in Lord of the Rings when frodo puts the ring on and everybody he sees looks like Invert-Image + High Pass filter + 2 hits of LSD.


  28. HennyM HennyM says:

    geez, there’s another face in there. i’ve just seen that. upper left corner. makes it even more creepy


  29. Gal with a Camera says:

    (To quote from the wise and wondrous Spongebob)
    It’s the ghost of the flying Dutchman! He’s come for your soul!!


  30. really there is actually nothing to say except why are his trousers on fire?


  31. LookingGlass says:

    Don’t drink and Photoshop… really, don’t do it.

    Doesn’t surprise me all that much that someone would post this for others to see… Considering what I’ve seen some people claim to “Love, love, love!” on FB, it would take a lot for someone to admit someone’s photo just sucks.


  32. zaslan says:

    if i had a nightmare, i will named it after you…..


  33. AbsyntheGreene says:

    I am Agwe, God of Water


  34. Johan Hermansson says:

    “Find Pharell”


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