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    Tiny Back Baby

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  • tinytiny baby

    The latest in daddy daughter work outs!

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    1. Is the kid bored waiting for dad to finish his push-ups before changing her nappie? I’ll never understand the desire of fauxs to try to invent new ways of taking a shot. Yes, you are creative. No, it doesn’t work and just looks stupid. But I’ll hand you this, at least you didn’t put the kid under dad so she doesn’t have to fear being crushed.

      • The kid doesn’t have to worry about anything. She is in a completely different room…

    2. Burnin Biomass

      Wow, that zit is so big it has become sentient!

    3. thomas

      I want my baby back, baby back…..

    4. Fauxtog Hunter

      Reminds me of an old cult classic The Manitou.


    5. Quaid, Quaid…
      Start the reactor…free Mars

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