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    Time Out

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  • time out

    Did he get put into a time out mid shoot?

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    1. james

      What is this world coming to? And why on earth would you watermark this awfulness

    2. Thomas

      Of course we don’t know the story about this. Maybe the kid was doing this during the photoshoot an the parents just thought it was cute and wanted this shot. That’s the problem with sites like this. They take the photograph out of any context and put it up for ridicule.

      I doubt that any photographer, even those of dubious skill and experience, would not be able to tell the difference between someone’s front and back. There is probably a, pun intende, backstory to this shot.

      • The problem with this photo Thomas, is the watermark “Photography by…..”. That, for me at least, makes me think this fauxtog is proud of the image and feels it belongs in their portfolio. If the client liked it, fine, but no need to showcase it as part of the portfolio.

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