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The Opposite Of Classy

You forgot the water and you forgot to remove a layer. Bath time really isn’t that hard, maybe if you hadn’t consumed so much vodka, you’d have an easier time with it.

  1. uglymadafaka says:

    -your mother was a whore
    -thanks for the advice


  2. Tracy says:

    Now that’s just one to treasure forever….so pure and elegant.


  3. AnusFace says:

    Is this for ?


  4. Annoyed says:

    Awwww…leave her alone. It’s probably a Father’s Day present.


  5. BurninBiomass says:

    If I drank that much vodka I’d be bazooka heaving. Maybe someone thought the upcoming projectile vomit would be easier to clean up in the tub.


  6. blownoutsky says:

    snooki that you?


  7. JimC JimC says:

    The bottle was full until the fauxtographer needed to find some inspiration. Good thing he hadn’t drained it, or this shot would have taken place on a set of train tracks and her undergarments would have been selectively colored. As it is, we were only one sip away from an artificial vignette.


  8. jackd says:

    where’s the evidence this is from someone trying to pass themselves off as a pro?


  9. Thom Thom says:

    Very bad exposure and angle. I wonder…if adjusted slightly for angle of model whether or not this would’ve been a decent American Apparel type photo?


  10. fuzzypiggy fuzzypiggy says:

    Timeless family memories. In 15 years time….”Mummy, mummy do you have any pictures of you as a girl I can take to school for my project?”.


  11. Michael says:

    Maybe, maybe, if it was a claw-foot victorian tub, you know, for the irony value. But in a fiberglass tub/shower surround… Its not ironic.


  12. RachelS. says:

    I used to take photos like this. Including “models” in tubs, recliners, and on train tracks. I am ashamed but glad I know better now. I shudder to think of the kind of awful photos I used to pass off as photography. =P


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