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The Night Before Christmas, Fauxtog Style

A quick look back at some of our favorite images of 2012 and our version of The Night Before Christmas. Make sure you check out all 6 pages!

Twas the night before Christmas and everywhere online, all of the fauxtogs were starting to shine. The portraits were airbrushed well beyond repair, creating doubts that Grandma ever actually had any wrinkles there.

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  1. Susan says:

    WTH is THIS????


  2. Juan says:

    Tonight, we’re young! (8)


  3. Susan says:

    What a wonderful collection of RSS (really strange, uh, stuff). Thank you for making me feel better all year as I look at people who are much, much worse. Happy holidays to you.


  4. AbsyntheGreene says:

    I enjoyed this poem a great deal, nice work.


  5. Martina says:

    OMG, ok, I can stand it until the last one and just look in wonder with no words to describe it but the last one makes me want to punch someone or call the police or something, because that is really wrong, poor poor baby, that is so dangerous, Im 100% it doesnt have any pillow underneath :( And for what, for some ugly ugly photo of him wanting to escape, thinking why his parents abandoned him? WTF?? Are they insane?

    …yes, Im mad.


  6. SoniKalien says:

    Thanks for the awesome poem – it really does sum up the year :D


  7. Klaus says:

    Hey Odo – We found your mom in the gamma quadrant!


  8. Harry says:

    Holy shit. These are classics. One day….. one day, I will be this great.


  9. Gracie says:

    I got to the second to last one and I wasn’t quite expecting the colour explosion….yea…..i shouted some not so nice words….it was an accident… sister was like ???????? what are you doing in there?
    …wow…………no words… least not any that anyone would like to hear/read……


  10. stef says:

    Now that xmas is over with lots of shiny new cameras in uneasy, greasy fingers, I expect this to be the best year ever for YANAP!


  11. ajay says:

    Wish I could photoshop that good.. Make the dude from tales from the crypt 15 years old


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