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    The Blur Family

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  • If only the fauxtog had used selective coloring to make that sleeping baby colorless, this may have been the worst photo of all time! Oh well, even as is it’s still pretty bad.

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    1. That’s art, baby.

    2. Crystal

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What is WRONG with these people?!!?

    3. Just me

      This shot has potential. I really like how the fireplace mantel is tilted, the glow of the fireplace is pretty and it’s super creative to turn this mad-happy couple into amputees at the legs.

    4. ithurtswhenipee

      I have taken better pictures with my phone. And I am talking about my original circa ’05 Motorola RAZR feature phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera

    5. How do we know that this is a ‘professional’ photographers picture? Looks like someones snap. No info with it.
      But even so, why did they just dump the baby on the floor?

    6. You didn’t get it… it’s artistic blur!!! =)

    7. blur once is an accident.

      blur 20x is a style.

      (no watermark on it? I’m aghast!)

    8. Mrs Woo

      Mrs Woo

      Please tell me that someone misunderstood and assumed all bad photography gets posted here, not just people who are trying to be pros with inadequate training and experience?

    9. Artie Fufkin

      excessive tilt–check
      artistic out of focus bits–check, check and double check
      random baby in prone position–check


    10. I’m with Mrs Woo on this one.
      If I want to look at just bad photography, I’ll look at my own stuff.
      I come here to see exceptionally bad “WTF”-style photography, taken by people with more gear than knowledge.

    11. Yeah, this doesn’t seem to be a person posing as a “pro”.. it seems like someone tried to use the self-timer and failed.. badly. But that doesn’t mean it should be here.
      Show a different screen shot to show that it’s someone posting this as “pro” portfolio work please..
      Don’t get lazy!

    12. Aaron Charron

      Al, this actually looks like someone took a half decent if crooked shot (correctable) and then added a thick blur without even using a layer to adjust opacity.

      BTW, do you post at DPS? Your avatar looks familiar.

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