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That’s One Big Soda

Big Soda


He looks just as confused about where he is as we are.

  1. Bob says:

    Memo to quality control on the soda production floor:Too many employees are falling into the product. We are now mandating the use of safety restraints to avoid bad press when customers open their sodas. That is all.


  2. seth says:

    Just because you can… Doesn’t mean you should.


  3. Thomas says:

    Not only is the technique poorly implemented, I am not sure I understand what the photographer was trying to do.

    Did this come from a professional’s portfolio or was this just someone’s special effect experment?


  4. […] not any different than a comedian making fun of something. I enjoy comedians as well. I enjoy the hilarity of an image of a poorly photoshopped dude in a coke can floating in the sky. But if you want to call it lack of confidence, and getting paid is what lack of confidence […]


  5. phototrims phototrims says:

    Well done very nice and funny editing……


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