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Supposed To Be A Bump There?

Thanks to some serious editing, it’s difficult to even tell if this lady is pregnant… Well done?

  1. artie fufkin says:

    this must be what they mean when they say a pregnant woman has that glow


  2. Kimberly says:

    YES! Submitted this months ago and I’m so happy to see it in all its horrible glory on here!


  3. stacy george says:

    I need sunglasses to look at that photo!!


  4. Kbear says:

    It hurts my eyes.


  5. PGB says:

    Pregnant or not pregnant? I’m asking the question: human or not human? That poor woman’s face is half gone.


  6. Geno T says:

    Darned watermark. I was going to steal it for my site.


  7. southernmomma says:

    @Kimberly..the stupid low life that posted it. NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION OF THIS PICTURE! OR ANYONE ELSES. I love how all of you people have nothing better to do then criticize people.


    • HennyM says:



    • photocriticgirl says:

      Okay, let’s get one thing straight. When you post something, whether it is on facebook, twitter, tumblr, on here, anything, you are opening yourself up to be critized! That’s how life works, sweetheart! If you can’t take the criticism, stop attempting to be a fauxtographer.


      • Thom Thom says:

        photocriticgirl: I agree with you on criticism, but there’s criticism and then there’s brutal comments. Personally, I almost cracked a rib laughing at the peanut gallery. Some really funny stuff.


  8. photocriticgirl says:

    I SEE THE LIGHT!!!!!


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