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  • Wow, you could almost miss the fauxtog in this picture!

    … If you were blind…

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    1. ummmm…. really?

    2. bwahahah! Seriously she could of at least TRIED to edit herself out.

      • This is a person who seems to be using live view…. or a mirroless camera.. not firing on all cylinders.

    3. What. WHAT

      shes in the stall.. LMAO

    4. Don’t worry about this shot. She was just stalling.

    5. Purfeshnul.

    6. Melissa


    7. Kristian

      That’s how she does all her photos, it’s kind of like a watermark.

    8. Got to love autofocus and live view. Looks like a full house and a flush.

    9. Nice view of the nearer woman’s make-up line as a bonus.

    10. +1 for not letting the on-cam flash fire, but -100 for about a dozen other big no-no’s!

    11. Nicely staged shot :) Snapper from the crapper

    12. Two memes in one…the photo-bomb and the shitter-selfie. All it needs now is sharks.

    13. Annoyed

      How positively Hitchcockesque of her.

    14. What are you guys talking about what photo… OMG I SEE HER NOW! She’s like a Ninja or something!!!@!@!@#$#!@#!!!

    15. not_keith

      OMG – And this is what I’m loosing business to :(

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