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Soul Sucking

soul sucking

Someone stop her! She’s sucking out that poor baby’s soul!

  1. belle says:

    Really? Out of all the really rubbish photography out there, you pick this?


  2. Rob says:

    I’ve seen much, much worse


  3. john says:

    Meh not so bad. Are you losing your touch?


    • jackd says:

      Are you implying the ever had a touch? They lurch from one photo to the next, No consistency on indication of any authority, skill or expertise, sometimes they pick a winner, sometimes it’s shit like this. Random googling would give you better odds.


  4. Spike Page says:

    I’d hope that this isn’t the best of the session..but it’s not horrible enough in concept or execution to warrant a spot here. I’ve got worse right now on my camera if you’re really that needy of content. Mind you I don’t take bad photos for free… :D :D


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