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    So Sweet…

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  • They are going to love this photo when they get older…

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    1. Why oh why!? What on earth was going through the parents mind to allow this?!!!!

    2. zooweemama

      I do enjoy a laugh at the bad photography on here, but I really dont agree with showing little kids. It’s not their fault, and we shouldnt be allowing others to see them like this. x

    3. A perfect noon-time snapshot by a point and shoot fauxtog who has only figured out PS Elements to the point of adding text. Sweet indeed! (In all seriousness though, it looks like two brothers clowning around. They will get a good laugh when they’re older and it’s not THAT bad in that sense, because it’s a casual lifestyle-type moment…but shooting 4 hours earlier or later would have helped quite a bit, and nobody would ever order a print of this except the clickin-friend-of-the-mom who shot it.)

    4. i hear banjos…

    5. The technical aspect of the photo is horrible but two boys with no shirts is not that big of a deal. It just looks like brothers wrestling around.

    6. A harmless snap of 2 boys messing around. Innocent and fun. I’ve got pics of my boys very similar. But perhaps best kept in the family. Don’t see why the boys would b bothered by it.
      Don’t understand why a photographer would use it to advertise their work. It’s a snap.

    7. A snapshot by mom or dad- great. Happy memories.
      A “Somebody Photography” imprint on the picture alleging it was shot by a professional working in the field, disgraceful.

    8. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

      Bright sunlight results in harsh shadows. Can’t see the eyes of the boy on the bottom. Find a shady spot, wait for a cloudy day, or early morning-late evening.

    9. I’m pretty disgusted that anybody would look at this photo and think anything other than brothers or best friends clowning around or wrestling. Teenagers in this position? Yes. Grown men? Yes. But little kids? Come on…
      Yes, the photo is technically awful and not pro at all. Therefore I suppose it belongs here. But the comments referring to Brokeback Mountain that were made on your FB post about this photo…not appropriate at all. Only those with their minds in very wrong places would even entertain the thought that these young kids were anywhere near provocative or implying anything other than innocent affection.

      • Yeah, that’s exactly my thoughts, too.

        If it were two 8yo twin sisters (presumably with shirts on), suddenly nobody above would have a problem with it.

        Shot is very poorly lit. It’s a snapshot at high noon. But I got no issue with the pose. Boys clown around like that.

      • Canaduck

        Agreed completely.

    10. BurninBiomass

      Whats the matter with you people. In Europe, people would love this!

      • People would love it if it was shot well… This has some horrible harsh shadows and hot spots and could probably benefit from a lower perspective.

        • BurninBiomass

          No, they love for those things too. The people of Europe have spoken!

    11. Nothing wrong with this photo except harsh lighting.

    12. Yeah it’s not a great photo from a technical point of view – there’s clearly been no thought gone into the light, but really, it doesn’t make me spit my coffee all over my keyboard.

      Where’s the selective colouring? Where’s the eyes sharpened so much they leave a permenant burn mark on my screen? Where’s the bad air brushing of a childs already perfect skin into featureless plastic? Where’s the 2-year-old with makeup a hooker would blush it?

      I demand much more worseness from my yourarenotaphotograhper viewing experience!!

    13. Nothing wrong with this image. Just two friends or brothers clowing and smiling to a camera. If you (administrator of this blog) see some kind of sexual behaviour looking at this two kids, please (and respectfully), go to a physician.

      • From a technical standpoint, it is shot in bright sunlight with no attempt (or success) in using fill flash and probably could be cropped a little tighter – Certainly not worthy of YANAP mention. I just saw much worse on a mommy taug’s site – every image is selectively colored, she did a sillouette (SP) of a mommy to be and then superimposed the uttrasound or 3d scan of the baby, and some other crap that makes me cringe. This is nothing compared to what’s on her page….

    14. Ramon Correa

      This is not totally a bad photo, just a any camera owner photo. What it’s seem to be bad it’s your way to see it. Check your mind, dear admin.

    15. Yeah, what the hell? This is a cute family snapshot of two brothers (although, if done professionally, is lacking skill). I can’t believe this got selected for the front page!

    16. Here’s the thing….of course it’s innocent. I have two little boys; Boy-moms know they roughhouse and at times run around like crazy naked monkeys. BUT I’m a photographer, too. I would never pose my kids or anyone else’s like this. I can tell by the kids’ faces that this wasn’t a candid capture (although even if so, shouldn’t be in a portfolio). This was a photog’s attempt at a pose. It’s still innocent, but it’s a terrible pose. Not professional in the least. No ill motives, just a poor eye, IMO.

    17. In all honesty I do not see what the issue is technically (except cropping) Could someone honestly explain?

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