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So Bad, It’s Kinda Good

This is so bad, it’s kinda good. I can totally see that ugly 70s/80s furniture coming back and being popular with hipsters. And lighting, smiting.

  1. chuck says:

    why haven’t you guys mentioned PICNIK IS CLOSING!!!


  2. grateful mom says:

    on January 21, 2012 at 12:48 pm said:
    I heard about that,is it actually going away for good or is it morphing into something else.

    OMG! Picnic?


  3. Janet says:

    Well, at least the fauxtog didn’t edit the blotchy skin on the baby’s legs. It sort of blends in with the couch!


  4. Rob says:

    “Flashes are so expensive … so I figured, why not buy a floodlight as my studio light. I mean, a flash is just going to flood my subjects with light anyway, right?”


  5. Eric Hatch says:

    It’s a lousy photo, but quit griping about furniture styles, etc. Not your business. Stick to why it’s a crappy photo.


    • Rob says:

      Part of the reason it’s a crappy photo is because the kid is propped up in the corner of a ratty looking 70′s sofa.


  6. Wsroadrunner says:

    The expressions says it all….


  7. mia says:

    I get the “it’s so bad it’s kinda good thing”.. anyone else seeing an urban outtfitters look here?? haha.. Yes, I am serious..


  8. Jenny says:

    Eww that baby’s skin looks like raw sausage! What an awful picture, not flattering to that poor little baby at all!


    • k says:

      That poor kid is freezing cold (My son would get mottled like that when he was really cold) and miserable, and now he has the photographic evidence that his parents would rather take a crappy photo than put long pants on him.


  9. vulture says:

    it actually looks like it might be a photo from the 80s that was scanned and watermarked.


  10. Alan says:

    Ah gees that is just scary!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Anonymous says:

    i used to have a couch just like that.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Is that baby ill, or did the awful fauxtographer frighten him into developing spider veins?


  13. Dom says:

    Woah! I think I have a picture of myself as a baby on that same couch…mind you I’m almost 37 now.


  14. diane says:

    Why would anyone want to copyright this?


  15. Tiff says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to gripe about the couch, it’s entirely possible and likely this is the customer’s couch.


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