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Seagull Baby

seagul baby

Please don’t feed the seagull baby your french fries!

  1. kbee says:

    Hahah! As nuts at this photo is, I can’t bring myself to critique the Photoshop skills. Pretty decent job in that department considering the tripe that appears here!

    Fly, little gull!


  2. Meggy says:

    Am I the only person who really dislikes seeing nappies? Especially disposable jobs. That really spoils the picture. Which is already pretty weird.


  3. sky says:

    This is definitely not the worst I’ve seen. Weird concept, but it looks like it is an ad to me.


  4. cameraclicker cameraclicker says:

    Obviously a Photoshop job. But, it looks reasonably well done. Not sure if the concept is seagull steals baby or baby grew wings to fly with the gulls. Either way, it’s different.
    As the others have said, it’s pretty good compared to the usual fare, here.


  5. Burnin Biomass says:

    I don’t want that thing crapping on my car…


  6. Kirsten says:

    The baby is flying the wrong way! Turn around little one!!


  7. r says:

    ..that’s a tern for the worst.

    (and, until ‘cameraclicker’ said “Obviously a Photoshop job” I had no idea.)


  8. nairbynairb nairbynairb says:

    The only thing ‘really’ wrong with this is that they didn’t get the light direction correct on the baby : Other than that, it’s not TOO bad


  9. Al says:

    Assholes. There is no such thing as a “seagull”. They are gulls, and of many different species and genus.


    • cameraclicker cameraclicker says:

      Just because no one in your little world calls them seagulls doesn’t mean there is no such thing. A rose by any other name … And, all that.


    • r says:

      …or… and I’m just putting this out there.. you could have educated us in the differences between the two birds (they ARE birds, right? did we get THAT right?) and not come off as the asshole yourself. Why do we go directly to the name calling? Just sayin’.


    • Christine K says:

      “A bird that lives by the sea?”
      “SEA BIRD!”


  10. At least the baby is smiling I suppose, not terrified like they are in most shots!


  11. Melissa says:

    I think I have that seagull overlay, I want to do my dog into one of these.


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