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Red Shoes

Nothing says “Very Sexy Valentines Day” like sloppy selectively colored shoes and a lint covered blanket!

  1. blippo says:

    where do you find this stuff!?
    i know really bad fautogs….but not this bad…..
    is this from the future?


  2. skynigurl says:

    Back to Kansas you go Dorothy


  3. Lizz says:

    Plus bonus points for the pink thread on her right shoe! VERY sexy!

    *rolls eyes*


  4. Rachel says:

    My favorite part is the little white string on the right shoe.


  5. Monica says:

    I was wondering what that was but was kinda scared to ask


  6. JKerr says:

    Oh! Thats the blanket! I have been sitting here scrubbing my computer screen trying to see better. Nothing says Happy Love day like red tramp shoes and cat hair.


  7. Steve says:

    You missed number 18 in this gallery, where it looks like the camera’s on the floor and she’s sitting on the pot. Awkward…


  8. mia says:

    you know…. this is one of those times that selective color *could* have been done well…. I like the direction the fauxtog was going… and it really wasn’t a horrible execution of the idea. Just not detail oriented. A couple more inches of thigh, clean up the blanket and shoes…. it wouldn’t have been horrible.


  9. skynigurl says:

    Wow, that gallery was full of b&w shots with the fluorescent clip art. This may be one of the better ones in the photographer’s gallery if you can believe it.


  10. Cranky Catholic says:

    Spot color. Just say ‘no’ to it.


  11. Angela says:

    OMG … I love No. 18 in that shoot. Is she playing with her cooch? Hahahahah.


  12. Arne says:

    Well! She isnt the worst photographer ive seen on this website tho.


  13. Courtney says:

    She says in the album comments, “I would have took more but my camera batteries died…. :(


  14. Mads says:

    The sad thing about this is it had potential to be a decent photograph, but the fauxtog doesn’t have a clue how to properly compose it. Not to mention the spot colouring is atrocious, as if spot colouring itself wasn’t bad enough. FAUXTOGS: If you MUST spot colour, please for the love of all that is holy ZOOM IN and PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL. And for the love of god, lay of the picnic tint feature. You need to layer and erase!
    …This honestly resembles about 80% of the work produced by people in my year 12 class, who took photography at A-Level for an “easy option”. OTL


  15. JustMe says:

    I love in one of the pictures, the subject puts in the comments…”erase this one, i have a huge neck”, and then goes on to say “i look like a drag queen”. but yet……it’s still up!? wow.


    • Sara C says:

      I just saw that! How sad that not only does this fauxtog NOT know how to take a flattering photo, but they also don’t care about keeping their clients happy!


  16. Ds says:

    hahaha in the baby one behind the baby is says “Gag”. I am 100% not a photographer of any kind, but I think I’d notice awkward words behind babies.


  17. Thomas says:

    Is it okay to put a link to this post in the comments on her facebook page?


  18. Tanya says:

    I’m guessing that was you who put the link, Thomas?


  19. Maybe her lover has a shoe fetish.


  20. sal says:

    sucky editing fabulous shoes


  21. Max says:

    oops left on wrong picture.


  22. Kelli says:

    If you find the FB page…LOOK AT THE MATERNITY PICS…bad…just bad.


  23. roger says:

    Wow, no comments about this being a shot from an escort service, or a portfolio shot for a prostitute?


    • mia says:

      Um, that’s pretty harsh. I have old school pin-up style photos of myself – does that make me a whore?


  24. Miss Obnoxious says:

    Some of the photos in their set aren’t too fantastic either… a lot of nice poses, but also a lot of out-of-focusness. There’s even one with the classic red eyes. XD


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