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    Plastic Mommy

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  • plastic mommy

    Dude! Your mom looks like she could be your sister! And that she’s probably made out of plastic!

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    1. You forgot to black out the logo on the pic. Careful you don’t get some hate comments from the owner of it.
      Other than that, we’ve all seen worse (well I know I have). The only thing I would want to know is if mom wanted that. I never smooth/remove/alter in any way unless I’ve been asked and it’s usually just to remove tattoos that ladies later regretted or a scratch or other minor temporary blemish. I honestly can’t imagine someone wanting their photos making them look unnaturally younger (or plastic). He looks a little smooth too so I wonder if the photographer just ran his plugin to smooth everything up during processing. Not to my taste but there you go. I will admit though, I might have warped her mouth to give her a tinge of a smile. Naughty me.

    2. zebra mussel

      Had she been lying in a casket I wouldn’t have thought twice; alas, she is alive and looks just awful.

    3. photosbytw


      She died and he had her stuffed so he could get a photo of her at his wedding…………….or maybe she just wishes she were dead.

    4. Actually it seems that geriatric Barbie is wearing a bridal veil.

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