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  • “Photo Retouch”

    Awesome, a picture of a child that no longer looks anything like the child! Well done!

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    1. anonomous

      It does not even look like the same kid. That’s not a touch up it’s a complete overhaul

    2. Oh no, there is a Honey Boo Boo child action now?

    3. That’s funny!

    4. Cristina


    5. Christy C

      And somebody loved this?!

    6. I don’t understand why anyone would want their beautiful child’s photo butchered like this? It’s beyond creepy.

    7. What a horrible thing to do to a perfectly lovely child. That first picture is the kind of shot I wish I could get of children more often. It’s like a parody….

    8. I’ve been trolling this site for a while and I might have to stop following it. It depresses me so much that these photos are actually presented as “professional” and the “photographer” is presumably paid for their time and photos. The photography market is so saturated with people who have a “good” camera and convince their family / friends that they are a “photographer” that it pushes out the actual professionals. The final insult are the people who “like” or have positive comments on these photos. It’s all so very very depressing.

    9. I wish I had mad skills like this photog. I’m so jealous!

    10. Cameraman

      Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t the After photo supposed to be better than the Before photo? The after doesn’t even look human…

    11. Way to go. Turn a crappy snapshot into something resembling a kiddie sex doll. Nice work. Not.

    12. BurninBiomass

      The perfect photographer… for those who hate the way their kids look. “See this picture dear? This is the kid mommy wanted to have”.

    13. I was going to say something witty, but I….I just have no words.

    14. She looks like one of those American Girl dolls now.

    15. Is this the same kid?

    16. Found their site lol

    17. CricketDNA

      How are you gonna go and change a child’s teeth and erase their freckles. Those are two distinct characteristics that help define a child’s looks. Oh, and I’m sure they did it in black and white to aide in making the fake hair look “real”, and I use that word lightly.

    18. W.T.F!!!!!!! OMG! someone paid for this,FOR THIS SHIT!

    19. cartoon me?

    20. The only excuse for this would be if it wasn’t a Photoshop-makeover but a digital character modelled on the photo. In fact that is what it looks like.

    21. Who wants a real child when they can have anime’ ?

    22. Am I overreacting, or is this “touch-up” child abuse? Because who could do that to a child?

    23. My jaw hit the floor when I saw…*that*. Bad enough that the fauxtog took a crapadelic pic of a sweet little girl in the first place, they then went and turned her into every pedophile’s dream. Fake doll eyes, they even *fixed* her teeth, airbrushed the bejeezus out of her (she looks what, maybe 6?!) plonked her adorable little face behind some fake hair and eh wala, turned her into a wax doll. Horrid.

      Congrats, YANAP. My gast has now well and truly been flabbered.

    24. this picture is for the Hunny boo boo, sick pageant types … this is the look that they LOVE

    25. no one special

      I’m willing to bet this “Photo Retoucher” has folders called; eyes, mouth, nose, hair, etc, and just shuffles them in like clip art then adjusts the scale.

    26. I…I don’t understand…

    27. boooooo! it’s a Halloween special? The cute original photo is ok (it’s a snapshot) but the inanimate doll-like makeover is frightening! It’s like the fauxtog was painting on a corpse. I was shuddering when I saw not only that 4 people “liked” it…but that someone took the time to actually type a comment and publicly say “I love it”……scary stuff!

    28. Looks like this fauxtographer is trying to break into the child beauty pageant headshot market. All of those shots are ridiculously retouched – they look like paintings of creepy dolls. I don’t know what I’m more disturbed by, the beauty pageant headshots or the fact that this fauxtog can’t even do that crap halfway decent.

    29. Give me 2 minutes with the original and i could turn this snapshot into something decent just using crop, levels and curves…
      In the second pic, i think the only original bit is the grass… which this ‘photorapher’ has blurred out of recognition…
      WHAT A MESS.

    30. Know what probably weirded me out the most about this picture (other than the “fixed” teeth)? I believe it is the massive difference in the size of the pupils. It’s almost cartoonish with how large the pupil is on the left and then the right is enlarged too but not to the same proportion…wtf?

    31. Gal with a Camera

      If this little cutie is a “real beauty”, then why did you edit her so freakin much?!?!

      Reminds me of those Toddlers & Tiaras pageant girls. *shiver*

    32. about the only thing that is the same (and i’m shocked he / she missed it) is the jaw. Crap like this makes me want to puke… ok – back from puking now…Tacos are not better the 2nd time around…

      God – this is sick. Why in the F— would any parent want this much PS ing done to their child’s photo? If I showed a photo of any of my kids retouched this much to anyone and they recognized it as my kid, I’d call the cops right away – because there is some funky shit going down…

      Maybe a new site is in order – You are not a Retoucher – ??

    33. ithurtswhenipee

      A facebook search for Photo Retouch didn’t yield any pages that had this image. Must have been a “here today, gone tomorrow” fauxtog. Go figure.

    34. What did they do to her teeth…..

    35. As vile as this is – people get paid DAMN good money for this type of retouching. It’s usually used in Glitz Pagents. I have turned down a ton of it – one of my clients is a toddlers & tiaras cast member. I think it’s gross and sexualizes these young girls. But people pay big $$$ for someone to retouch like this.

    36. disturbed

      going for the honey booo boooo looook?

    37. lol, my favorite part is the hair! wtf?

    38. Now it looks like she has an under bite. Sad sad sad.

    39. Wow, a Honey BooBoo make over! Sadly, this is not far off from what they do to a lot of the pageant images of these little children.

    40. sassyone

      I’m wondering if the mommy is from Toddlers and Tiaras? LOL moms do this shit all the time.

    41. dudebird

      ugly kid is still ugly kid.

    42. Does this remind anyone else of Lisa Frank for some reason?? Or maybe the Bratz dolls? I don’t know what it is. Maybe if it were in fluorescent colors??

    43. That pic looking so funny..I like it Thanks for Sharing this picture.

    44. fstopper89


      My first thought was Toddlers and Tiaras also! Maybe they should have left it in color, to show off her fake tan. But yeah, probably done in Illustrator.

    45. This reminds me of something else I saw once, with child pageant contestants. I was honestly horrified and ILL from looking at it. It was worse than this, marginally, and in color. A whole page of these uncanny valley little plastic dolls…except one girl. And that one girl, who was pretty and happy and looking human? You just KNOW she never won a damned thing because she wasn’t PSed into a monster for the judges. How anyone, parent or otherwise, can look at this and go, “Yeah! Let’s go with that!” is so far beyond me I can’t even tell where it went. I can only pray drugs are involved.

    46. This is from Queen Bee Imaging. She was just starting out.

    47. Yani Dueri

      it looks like Elle’s friend!!! (legally blonde??)

    48. Jeni Rose

      I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    49. Can we say overkill on the editing. Horrible, just horrible.

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