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Of course the color in this photo shows the potential flatulence radius. You better watch it kid!

  1. meggy says:

    What is the POINT????


  2. MDS says:

    Better idea:

    Just use the parents legs in the frame, and have the kid poking out from behind dad.

    Also, lose the ridiculous spot color garbage.


  3. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson says:

    What the?? I am at a loss for words!


  4. Robert says:

    Here’s an idea: how about Adobe makes the next Photoshop versions like a game? You have to complete a certain number of good artwork before you even get access to the filters. Using selective colouring like this then instantly makes you lose this function for one year.


  5. Bdawg says:

    He farted out a kid!!


  6. Katie says:

    It’s not even proper posing. “Just stand sideways & ummmmm… hold her waist. I’m not sure what you should do with your hands so just let them hang there. It’s okay, I’m going to cut them off at the wrist anyway. Now say *Cheesee..* wait, where is the kid?”


  7. Susan says:

    These people look very uncomfortable and not at all relaxed. I fault the photog for that – it’s part of your job to make them feel comfortable so they will act natural for the camera. The selective use of color vs. B/W? There are some times when, although it might not be well done, you at least get what the photog was after – here, neither applies: it’s pointless, and poorly done. And if the idea was to be “cute” with the kid … it misses the point.


  8. Vitaliy says:

    Is it me, or his hangs look humongous?


    • adam says:

      It’s not just you! They photoshopped the hell out of that area and the arms and the rebuilt gigantor hands on him!


    • John is Awake says:

      I’m guessing he was editing her belly, messed it up a bit, tried to fix that, messed it up a bit, tried to fix that, and by dinner time, the poor fellow had cartoon hands. I remember making those same mistakes in the beginning of computer editing. I would have had the sense, however, to not post anywhere.


  9. Lalalalaaaaa says:

    He looks like he’s pooping out a kid in technicolor


  10. Lalalalaaaaa says:

    Vitaly – I see what you mean about his hands looking humongous. WTF?


    • Zoe says:

      The curve where her elbow is is her cardigan, not his hand. Another flaw in the fauxtogs positioning.


      • adam says:

        They photoshopped the hell out of that area and the arms and the rebuilt gigantor hands on him! Look at her arm closely


  11. JE says:

    Thank you Picasa for making another fauxtogs dream come true.


  12. Zoe says:

    Chocolate mud baby!


  13. Dillon says:



  14. Matt says:

    That guy needs to change his diet.


  15. rachel says:

    they just need to get rid of selective coloring altogether


  16. no one special says:

    look closely at her belly and arm. They tried to put her on the Photoshop Diet.
    Smudge tool maybe? Cut (large feathering area) and paste on her arm to make it look thinner?


    • Pelham says:

      I think the fauxtog was trying to eliminate baby bump #2. Hey, why not? It’s probably the only thing they’re any good at!


  17. photocriticgirl says:

    I really, really hope no one paid to this.
    Seriously hope so.
    This is terrible.
    Just, no.


  18. Jayk says:

    and thus god created tyrone who farted color upon the earth


  19. Leta Hatzenbuehler says:

    Is it just me, or is his hand freakishly big?


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