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  • Your Photos Suck! Learn Trick Photography & Special Effects. Get Creative Here

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    Baby Planking

    Fairy baby planking, it’s the next big thing.


    Cheesy Baby Bump

    Before the session, the photographer instructed the couple to roll around in Doritos.


    Only 75 More Days

    Prepare yourselves. Only 75 more days until momtogs, uncle Bobs and untalented emo kids wake up to new expensive cameras under the tree. And only 76 more days…


    Daily Rewind: Pretty Girl, Ugly Picture

    Every day, we’re posting some of the best of the worst from our old Tumblr site. We recently moved to WordPress. I just don’t understand the posing or…

    Daily Rewind: Awfully Photoshopped Russian Wedding Photos

    Awfully Photoshopped Russian Wedding Pictures We’re recreating some of our favorite posts from the old Tumblr site. It just wouldn’t be You Are Not a Photographer without a…


    Yellow Rose

    I must book this photographer to come into my back yard to take pictures of flowers and add ugly editing effects.


    Daily Rewind: A Wet Suit

    Since our old site is gone, we’re going to post some of our favorites that are too awful to be deleted for good.

    Beware of the Austin Fauxtographer

    Austin fauxtographers: We’re on to you. Beware of the Austin fauxtographer.  “Fauxtographers run the gamut from perverted guys with a camera that say they specialize in boudoir photography…


    Fan of Bad Selective Coloring? You’ll Love This.

    I do think it takes talent to selective color this horribly.