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    Relatives with Nice Cameras

    An email to a professional photographer.


    Take Snapshots of Beer Bottles, Make Money

    Image from Regretsy Take beer bottles, place them in front of a tree, sometimes use a digital camera and presto, you are a fauxtographer. More on Regretsy.

    From the Archives: Amateur Photographer vs. Professional Photographer

    We lost the archives from the old site, so we’re posting some of our favorites.


    Daily Rewind: Baby Bump or Homeless Woman?

    Check our that baby bump, indeed!


    Zombie Bride

    Yes, please make me look like one of the undead. ,  


    Daily Rewind: Under the Sea

    From the archives of the old site. We couldn’t leave this baby behind.


    Up a Creek

    Can you imagine walking into someone’s house and seeing this hanging on the wall?


    Giant Fetus

    That’s one giant baby.

    Sheffield Quigley: Professional Myspace Photographer

    Yesterday, we gave you Facebook Photography. Today, we introduce you to Sheffield Quigley, professional Myspace Photographer.