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    Fauxtography is a Crime

    If you aren’t paying taxes and you’re selling your photos, it IS a big deal. Unless you like prison or something.


    Photography Isn’t That Easy

    I guess the universe balances out, one fauxtog gained yesterday and from the looks of it one lost today. I wonder how many more of these we’re going…



    These are your baby pictures. These are your baby pictures on crack. Seriously, how much dope would you have to smoke to come up with something like this.


    In the Bag

    The baby in a bag trend is especially creepy when it’s done poorly.


    Baby Spit

    Close ups of blurry baby spit just aren’t cute.


    It’s a…..

    I think it’s a wedding. In good news, these can work for a second marriage as well since you can’t tell who they are.

    Photog Being Sued to Recreate a Wedding, Years Later

    Years Later, Lawsuit Seeks to Recreate a Wedding This is just bizarre. The couple divorced. He wants the photog to pay to fly everyone back to recreate the…


    Pucker Up

    I don’t even know how they did that.      


    I Need to Drink More

    This makes me need a drink. I can only hope there aren’t little people floating in my cocktail.