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    Tourist Snapshot

    I think every tourist that visits the Empire State Building at night has a similar shot. How on Earth does this land in a “professional” portfolio?


    A Mess

    Where to start, where to start? Maybe the possessed demon eyes? Or the weird color? Maybe the strange frame effect? Maybe the wrinkled back drop? It’s a wreck. 


    Best of YANAP: Fall 2011

    Our first “Best of” list, or should we say worst of? We let all of you be the judge and listed some of the pictures with the most…

    Grover Is a Fauxtog


    A Bee

    I think this bee is about to be raptured. How amazing that a photographer was there to catch it all.

    Judge Joe Knows Photography, Calls Out Fauxtog

    Who knew Judge Joe Brown knew such much about photography?



    I don’t need more convincing. I totally believe she’s a fauxtog.


    Not This Again

    Again with the “not my pictures.” Why aren’t you showing your pictures? I’m smelling a fauxtog.



    Are you sure it’s a girl? This looks like a watermelon covered in cheesecloth to me.