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    Growing a Baby

    So according to some fauxtogs, people grow plants and flowers grow babies?


    Garbage Flag

    Not only does the flag look like it’s a piece of garbage caught in the tree, but the kid’s eyes are closed. We’ll just start there.  

    Now Taking Submissions for “You Are Not a Graphic Designer.”

    Email youarenotaphotog@gmail.com. We’ll be unveiling the site in a few weeks.

    I See You

    The translucent baby bumps get to me the most. So creepy. (Follow link above to see picture)


    Party Time!

    So you could pay someone to take pictures like that, or you could give out disposable cameras to your 5-year-old nephew. Your call.


    Growing a Plant

    I wonder if she’s eating lots of plant food to grow that thing.



      And the award for the worst watermark goes to… this girl. Also, what is up with the weird crop?


    Proud Picniker

      She uses Picnik and it shows.


    Should Have Been Deleted

    Was this fauxtog jumping in and shooting behind the actual photographer? Either way, how does this not get deleted right away?