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    Tips Your Grandma Never Gave You

    Tips Your Grandma Never Gave You

    MWAC Attack

    MWAC Attack Episode 1 MWAC Attack Episode 2 Good morning. I thought we’d start this with two quick videos to get you all started. After all, becoming a…


    Put a Ring On It

    The poor bride-to-be obviously has some sort of horrible rash.  


    Return to Under the Sea Land

    Another under the sea baby. I like how even with all of the editing, the fauxtog couldn’t even out baby’s skin tone a bit.  



    I’m trying to come up with a reason for this back drop. Was it garage sale day at the trailer park?


    An Eye

    I really hope they made this their Christmas card. I want to imagine their friends and family opening the card and screaming in horror.  


    I’m Really Sorry

    I know, I know, I’m a complete jerk for posting this. I know you’re cursing me for clicking over. I know some of you might even lose your…

    jeremy wedding

    Pretty in Pink

    I’m guessing from this photo the happy couple got married in some sort of time warp alternate universe.  

    A Sign of the Times

    CNN laying off photojournalists. Because plenty of people will do their work (albeit badly) for free.